Dolan Blasts Administration on Sunday Talk Show

During an interview with CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer on Easter Sunday, Cardinal Timothy Dolan blasted the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, calling it a “dramatic, radical intrusion” into the life of the Church.

The Daily Caller is reporting that when asked by Schieffer if he was concerned about getting “too involved in politics” over the HHS mandate, Cardinal Dolan gave a firm and sincere answer.

“I do worry about that, Bob,” Dolan said. “And this is a good place for me to remind everybody, we didn’t ask for this fight. I don’t enjoy it at all. I wish I was out here on ‘Face the Nation’ answering other questions and you probably do too. We didn’t ask for the fight, but we are not going to back away from it.”

He added:  “What I say is this — yeah, I don’t think religion should be too involved in politics,” Dolan continued. “But I also don’t think the government and politics should be overly involved in the Church, and that is our problem here. You’ve got a dramatic, radical intrusion of a government bureaucracy into the internal life of the Church. That bothers me. So, hear me say, hey I would like to back away from this. I’ve got other things to worry about and bigger fish to fry than this. Our problem is the government is intruding into the life of faith and into the Church that they shouldn’t be doing. That is our read on this.”

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