Young Women of Grace Program Takes Louisiana by Storm!

Our Lady of Fatima School in Lafayette, Louisiana, just graduated the largest Young Women of Grace class yet – 50 girls!

Fr. Michael Russo & the Young Women of Grace graduates

Brenda Dooley, our indefatigable Regional Coordinator in Louisiana, spearheaded the program for the parish. She served under the guidance and direction of Father Michael Russo, pastor, and Stephanie Supple, the parish administrator. Four women from the school, all of whom facilitated Women of Grace studies in the past at the parish, generously volunteered to facilitate the girl’s study. It was coordinated throughout the 2017-2018 school year and culminated with a graduation event and reception on May 18, 2018. Read the rest…

SCOTUS Gives Embattled Christian Florist New Hope for Justice

The U.S. Supreme Court has directed the case of floral artist, Barronelle Stutzman, who refused to bake a cake for a friend’s same sex wedding, back to the Washington Supreme Court after vacating that court’s decision and instructing it to reconsider her lawsuit in light of the high court’s recent decision regarding Colorado baker, Jack Phillips.

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She Found Jesus in a New Age Temple

By Patti Armstrong

Sitting lotus style, inhaling the cool lake air and listening to the serene sounds of a flowing waterfall, Jess Echeverry sought to calm her spirit. She was on a journey to healing at the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in Pacific Palisades, California. By 2006, Jess had experienced a certain amount of healing, but there was still a hole that hungered to be filled.

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A Catholic Response to Uncivil Discourse in America

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

If there was ever a time for Catholics to take a stand against the uncivil discourse gripping the nation these days, it’s now. After a weekend that saw a member of the Trump administration refused dinner in a restaurant simply because of who she works for, and a member of the U.S. Congress openly calling for harassment of all members of the President’s Cabinet, we need to let our faith find a way to put the brakes on this rampant incivility before someone gets killed.

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What God Wills

June 22

 Feast of St. Thomas More
“Do not let your mind by troubled over anything that shall happen to me in this world.  Nothing can come but what God wills.  And I am very sure that whatever that be, however bad it may seem, it shall indeed be best.”
                                 -St. Thomas More to his daughter
during his imprisonment