Can the Human Mind Create Life?

The Secret book coverCA writes: “My sisters combine the ‘theology,’–and I use that term loosely–of the book, The Secret, with solid Catholic teaching. They both have devotions to the saints, the rosary, go to Sunday Mass, etc. That’s why I find it so troubling. Something in my gut tells me this book’s advice cannot be fully reconciled with the Truth found in our Church. . . . (D)o you have any information that specifically addresses the issues of using the mind to “create a life,” and how does one factor in God’s will into that?”

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Women of Grace on the Rock of Gibraltar

Johnnette Benkovic with Regional Coordinator, Monique Risso

Johnnette Benkovic with Regional Coordinator, Monique Risso

In the April of 2014, Johnnette was invited by an eager group of women who wanted to bring the transforming message of authentic femininity to “the Rock” of Gibraltar.  Monique Risso graciously gave her “YES” to becoming our local Regional Coordinator.  Already she and her team have brought the program to several parishes, leading many women to embrace their mission as Catholic women.  They even helped to launch Women of Grace in Spain! Read the rest…