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St. Matthew’s Churches Scam Strikes Again!

St. Matthew’s Churches, a well-known “ministry” that preys upon the unsuspecting through direct mail scams made the mistake of sending me one of their mailings the other day – this one promising God’s blessings to me via a special “Angel Blessing Coin”. By doing so, they gave Women of Grace a new opportunity to warn people about this scam which we have been doing since 2012.

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But My Friend Was Converted in a “Christian” Yoga Class!

We recently received a scathing letter from a Holy Yoga instructor who took us to task for our position against the practice of “Christian yoga.” She believes that because a man in her class asked her to help him accept Jesus as his savior, this proves that God is working in her classes. Is this true? Yes! But not for the reasons she thinks . . .

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Duped by the Prosperity Gospel

46198637 - in god we trust on a one dollar billThe New Age prosperity Gospel is so well-packaged and delivered it’s easy to become enchanted by it. Otherwise known as the health and wealth Gospel,” people who espouse this teaching believe that God meant for everyone to be rich. All we have to do is ask in the right way, or be generous to others, in order to trigger an avalanche of cash.

As BB from Oklahoma relates, it was only by the grace of God that he was finally able to see through this preposterous misrepresentation of Sacred Scripture.

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Joyce Meyer's Feel Good Religion

MH writes: "I have a very good friend that absolutely adores Joyce Myers.  Am I right to say she's another prosperity gospel teacher?  I've heard some of her talks before, and the only thing I can discern, is that as a Protestant, she interprets Scripture differently from us Catholics, which I know is to be expected.  She speaks on topics that one could easily relate to; such as, how it's wrong to talk about others behind their back.   Is it okay to listen to her, if I remember that her interpretation of scripture is wrong? Or is there more I should know so as to not listen to her?"

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