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Are Potter Spells Real? Does it Matter?

The recent incident involving the pastor of a Tennessee parish who decided to purge the school library of Harry Potter books has kicked off another round of verbal sparring over whether or not these books are dangerous because they contain real spells. As this article will point out, these arguments reveal an alarming naivete about the “Craft” and the science of spell casting.

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Don’t Let the Media Define the Case Against Potter

Don’t wait for the media to give you a fair and balanced report on Harry Potter books and why a Catholic pastor from Tennessee decided they weren’t suited for the children in his school. Instead of presenting the priest’s side of the story, the media is using the opportunity to paint Potter foes as a pack of fringe-dwelling fanatics and doing everything in their power to avoid interviewing any of the esteemed experts who have spoken out against these books for fear of tarnishing the luster on their “golden calf” – Harry Potter.

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Exorcist: Stay Away From Harry Potter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Castle (Wikicommons: Carlos Cruz)

Even though the Harry Potter series is finished, these wizardry tales remain the most widely-read books among youth. But as this world-renowned exorcist warns, just because they’re popular and everyone’s reading them, doesn’t make them safe.

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The Magic Tree House

JM writes: "I am writing about books widely available at school and 'Scholastic' called "The Magic Tree House" series by Mary Pope Osborne. Could this series be considered (occult)? My daughter read them a few years ago and she advises me now not to let her sister read them."

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Twilight Moms

IZ writes: "An office mate's wife is a fanatic Twilight fan, having come home early from an out-of-state trip to wait in line for 5 hours with friends to watch the midnight premier of "Eclipse".  I read your blog about the new movie and how groups have formed gathering like-minded weirdos who are interested in vampires, etc.  As my office mate jokingly refers to his wife's fanaticism, stating she's read each book multiple times as well as having seen all movies repeatedly, at what point would one question abnormal behavior (to me that is abnormal)?  Another office mate who is "Catholic" is a Harry Potter fan and I just don't know how to contribute to the conversation without sounding like the bearer of bad news. Do you have any suggestions?"

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