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Enlightened or Snooty?

Groundbreaking new research has discovered a link between those who practice mindfulness meditation, aura reading and other “energetic therapies,” to feelings of spiritual superiority and smugness.

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How Can Buddhist Meditation Practices Harm the Faithful?

By Connie Rossini

We have been studying My Soul Thirsts for God, for the Living God, a document on prayer released by Spain’s bishops in September. Last time, we discussed the theological foundations for prayer. Now we get into the heart of the document, applying these theological foundations to popular spiritual practices, especially those originating in Buddhism.

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Spanish Bishops Warn Catholics About Mindfulness

The Commission for the Doctrine of the Faith for Spain’s Bishops Conference has issued a document warning Catholics that they risk abandoning the faith by using mindfulness and other methods of meditation that do not originate in Christianity.

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What's Wrong with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

PG writes:  "I resigned from my job last year as a mental health LMSW, working in an out patient clinic.  We were being trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which in fact, is based on Eastern Mysticism/Buddhism. We were told that we had to take the training and had to use this new mind control therapy on our clients. I knew it was wrong and I could no longer work for this agency. Have you heard of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? It appears to be growing -unfortunately."

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Vatican Responds to Increasing Demand for Exorcisms

Due to a threefold increase in demand for exorcisms in Italy alone, and concerns about the skill level of today’s exorcists, the Vatican is planning to hold an international conference next month aimed at training more priests to meet the demand.

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Don't Substitute Eastern Meditation Techniques For Christian Prayer!

KB writes: "My husband practices this mindfulness type of meditation, including a body scan meditation. He does a shorter one in the morning, about 15 or 20 minutes, and the body scan in the afternoon, which takes about 45 minutes, for stress reduction and as a way of dealing with anxiety. The other day he chose to skip family prayer time in favor of this meditation . . . " 

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