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Vatican Responds to Increasing Demand for Exorcisms

Due to a threefold increase in demand for exorcisms in Italy alone, and concerns about the skill level of today’s exorcists, the Vatican is planning to hold an international conference next month aimed at training more priests to meet the demand.

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A Painfully Honest Yoga Testimony

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“Yoga: A Cautionary Tale” is a poignant and very enlightening testimony about the practice of yoga by Catholic News Agency's Jenny Uebbing. On her popular Mama Needs Coffee blog, she documents a long journey of discovery about yoga that began with her own practice and ended with a frightening confrontation with her past.

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If the Church Christianized Other Pagan Practices, Why Not Yoga?

hindu godsVV writes: "I'm a catholic school teacher and found out that some of my colleagues experienced Nia and QiGong. I informed them that this is new age and can't call up the demonic in the name of Jesus and that its just not acceptable. The truth needs to be told. Your thoughts?"

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What You Should Know About Yoga's OM Chant

The OM chant might sound simple, but it's actually very complex. It is often chanted three times at the start and finish of a yoga session and consists of three syllables - a, u, and m. Om is the supposedly the whole universe coalesced into a single sound and represents the union of mind, body and spirit that is at the heart of yoga.

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Reader Warns P90X Exercise System Includes Yoga and Kenpo

BA writes: "We ordered the popular P90X exercise DVDs. When we discovered yoga was part of the program we promptly shredded that DVD and substitute that day with stretching. Some of the exercises and even stretching positions bother me they just feel so 'yoga like'.  Also, is Kenpo not a good idea?"  

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Magic Tree House and Yoga in Schools

This letter from one of our blog readers is a sad testimony about the infiltration of New Age and pagan religions into our schools. While all semblance of Christianity has been ordered out of the classroom out of respect for a contrived notion of "separation of church and state," there seems to be no qualms about introducing children to occult fiction and Hindu spirituality. Thankfully, parents like JM, who make a fuss about it, really can make a difference!

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