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Priest Warns Against Dabbling in Eastern Meditation Techniques

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

This article about a priest who dabbled in transcendental meditation for 18 years before coming back to the Faith, comes as a wake-up call to so many Christians who are casually introducing Eastern meditation techniques into their prayer lives. Many of these practices are not as innocent as they appear!

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St. Teresa of Avila, the Desert Fathers, and Centering Prayer

Many people are being misled into Centering Prayer after being told that St. Teresa of Avila and the Desert Fathers taught a version of it. This blog contains a few facts that will challenge these assertions.

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How to Deal with Scandal Caused by Some Catholic Writers

BB writes: “One thing that really puzzles me is that both the well-loved Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen were also known for their study and openness to some Eastern religion practices. How do you perceive their teachings?

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Father Thomas Keating Dies, Age 95

                                       St. Joseph's Abbey, Spencer, MA  (Wikicommons)

Father Thomas Keating, the Trappist priest who played a major role in introducing the controversial centering prayer movement in the 1970’s, died on October 25 at the age of 95.

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John Main's Christian Meditation Technique: Just Another Mind Blanking Exercise

EM writes: "Recently a friend has become involved with the John Main Christian Meditation movement.  I find this to be part of the New Age Movement, but she won't listen. I would love to be able to recommend to her some writings or recognized persons who would specifically speak about John Main and the Christian meditation Movement.  Any articles I come across do not mention John Main specifically and  so my friend feels that this is legimitate Christian (Catholic) Meditation.  Can you help?"

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EH writes: "Can you please tell me anything about Ruah? There is a Catholic named institution here in Houston, that is called the Ruah Center and offers retreats according to this method?  I just am not sure I understand enough to know if it is truly Catholic. We are looking for a retreat center and made an inquiry.  We were told that we do not fit their method of retreats. Can you help me understand Ruah?"

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Swapping Fads for Miracles: Eastern vs. Christian Meditation

Note:  This blog was reviewed and updated in May, 2020

JD wrote: "I have just read your book on Yoga and I am left with the impression that if the people who use yoga could be taught and led on the power of Christian meditation before the Eucharist, they would not be so easily misled."

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