Catholic Teacher Fired for Objecting to Planned Parenthood Files Suit

Bill Diss

Bill Diss

A popular math teacher who was fired from Benson High School in Portland, Oregon for refusing to allow Planned Parenthood to present their sex-ed program in his classroom has filed a lawsuit alleging the violation of his civil rights as well as employment discrimination.

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An Urgent Call… “For Such A Time As This”

Our nation is in the midst of its own “Battle of Lepanto.” Our temporal order – the institutions and enterprises of man, his culture and his society – has been infiltrated by an anti-life, anti-Gospel, anti-Church agenda.  The “final confrontation” intimated by Karol Cardinal Wojtyla when he addressed the United States Bishops in 1976 seems to have arrived. From Cairo and the Middle East, to Congress and the Senate, to the attack against the union of one man and one woman in marriage, to the proliferation of the morally reprehensible, to the efforts of Planned Parenthood and sex education in our schools, we see the frontal attack of the “Agenda of the Anti-.“ As Women of Grace® “impregnated with the spirit of the gospel” we must respond. Read the rest…