Father Thomas Keating Dies, Age 95

                                       St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, MA  (Wikicommons)

Father Thomas Keating, the Trappist priest who played a major role in introducing the controversial centering prayer movement in the 1970’s, died on October 25 at the age of 95.

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John Main’s Christian Meditation Technique: Just Another Mind Blanking Exercise

EM writes: “Recently a friend has become involved with the John Main Christian Meditation movement.  I find this to be part of the New Age Movement, but she won’t listen. I would love to be able to recommend to her some writings or recognized persons who would specifically speak about John Main and the Christian meditation Movement.  Any articles I come across do not mention John Main specifically and  so my friend feels that this is legimitate Christian (Catholic) Meditation.  Can you help?”

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EH writes: “Can you please tell me anything about Ruah? There is a Catholic named institution here in Houston, that is called the Ruah Center and offers retreats according to this method?  I just am not sure I understand enough to know if it is truly Catholic. We are looking for a retreat center and made an inquiry.  We were told that we do not fit their method of retreats. Can you help me understand Ruah?”

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