A Deacon/Doctor Confronts Humanae Vitae (Part Two)

Deacon Patrick Mongan and his wife, Ellen

In this second part of the journey of Deacon Patrick Mongan and his wife, Ellen’s, embrace of Humanae Vitae, we read about the tragic death of their eighth child and how the lessons of life convinced them of the truths of Humanae Vitae.

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Motherhood: A Journey to Sanctification

The Mongan family at daughter Kaitlyn’s wedding in June, 2017

I was not a good candidate for motherhood. Had I gone for a “job” interview, I would not have been given the job. If there had been a try out, like for a cheerleader squad, they would not have selected me for the team. I did not have the qualifications, the necessary skills or the “heart” required. I don’t think I even had a desire to apply for the job. However somewhere on my journey God grew within me a “mother’s heart.”

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How Do I Know If I’ve Been Cursed?

We are often asked by people how to determine if they have been cursed or the victim of an evil spell? They might be experiencing a string of financial losses, accidents, or illnesses. Or maybe they suddenly can’t seem to focus or concentrate on their work. If someone put a spell/curse on them, how will they know and what can be done about it?

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Moment by Moment

July 25

“Everything indeed is for you.” There’s so much wisdom in today’s reading from 2 Corinthians. My favorite line, though, is above: “Everything indeed is for you.”

In reflecting on the anniversary of Humanae Vitae and how special this very day is to me, I am filled with gratitude knowing that my dear Father has and wants to give me everything. All He asks in order for me to receive this most precious gift (you know, everything) is for me to simply die to myself and allow Him to take over.

This applies so much to today. Within the sacrament of marriage, our Father wants us to give to our spouse all of us without holding back. It’s the same He asks of us in our own individual lives- trust Me with all of it, every single detail, and put it all into My hands.
How beautiful it is for us to let go completely, to release every ounce of our grip and let Him take over. And within marriage, we are to trust Him with everything together, embracing the knowledge that His life within us is so much greater than simply our life without Him.

His gift of everything waits outstretched in the palm of His hand. All we have to do is to reach for it.

Humanae Vitae and the #MeToo Movement

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

If Pope Paul VI was alive today, he would have every right to look at the #MeToo movement and say, “I told you so.” And he did – 50 years ago when he issued papal encyclical, Humanae Vitae, which put forth the Church’s teaching on love and marriage and on the use of artificial birth control. Since that time it has been called everything from puritanical to completely out-of-touch. But one thing it’s rarely been called is exactly what it turned out to be – the truth.

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A Deacon/Doctor Confronts Humanae Vitae (Part One)

Deacon Patrick Mongan, MD and wife Ellen

By Deacon Patrick Mongan, MD, MAPS

In this poignant three-part series, Deacon Patrick Mongan, MD, MAPS, husband of Catholic author Ellen Mongan, he documents the couple’s journey through doubt, skepticism, a tragic loss, depression, and ultimately to acceptance and admiration of one of the most controversial documents of modern times – Humanae Vitae.

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Give us Life

July 24

“Will you not instead give us life; and shall not your people rejoice in you? Show us, O LORD, your kindness, and grant us your salvation.”

How beautiful this hope is: our Lord gives life, and we are to rejoice in it! And what a wonderful week to hear this in preparation for the anniversary of Humanae Vitae tomorrow.
How does He give us life? From the moment of conception throughout the ENTIRETY of our lives; He shows up and continues to pour life into us. And we are to REJOICE!
How tough, though, it is to rejoice when life is a struggle; yet, we need to be reminded to keep rejoicing! Why? Because He wants us to, He tells us to, and He is giving us life even when it doesn’t feel like it. Our entire life is in His hands. What a profound truth!

Tonight, think of your life, and write down one thing you remember God having done for you. And remember to… REJOICE!