My Introduction to New Age

by Lisa Marino PT, DPT

After discerning God’s will to integrate prayer and spirituality into healthcare, I left my mainstream physical therapy job in 2017. I was amazed at how much better my patients improved with an hour of one-on-one care, more time to listen and encourage them, and especially prayer for healing.

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The Four Temperaments Are NOT New Age!

Know Thyself, and thy faults, and thus live. – St. Augustine

My mother had me pegged at a very young age. I remember walking into her bedroom as she put down the book Transformed Temperaments by Tim LaHaye and smiled at twelve-year-old me. “You,” she said with certainty, “are a melancholic.” It didn’t mean much then–although I remember it clearly–but years later I would come to learn and appreciate the four temperaments. Sure enough, even as a child, melancholic me was more likely to be writing poetry than playing sports or crying over a poignant novel than hanging out with friends.

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Are Potter Spells Real? Does it Matter?

The recent incident involving the pastor of a Tennessee parish who decided to purge the school library of Harry Potter books has kicked off another round of verbal sparring over whether or not these books are dangerous because they contain real spells. As this article will point out, these arguments reveal an alarming naivete about the “Craft” and the science of spell casting.

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