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Energy Profiling: Another Bogus Personality Test

iStock_000021611276_SmallJ writes: “I recently read on a blog about "Energy Profiling" or "Dressing Your Truth" by Carol Tuttle. I started watching the video series on energy profiling and felt that it was very New Age or based on eastern religions. The ‘Dressing Your Truth’ seems to be becoming very popular. As a Christian, I am concerned about this creeping into our churches, ladies retreats, etc. Are you familiar with energy profiling?”

Energy Profiling is just another personality assessment system that has no basis in science. (None of them do, so Tuttle’s is not unusual in this regard.)

For those who never heard of it, Energy Profiling is being sold as “unique profiling system” that assesses personality, behavior, thought and feeling processes, body language and physical characteristics “to reveal the true you.”

It was invented by Carol Tuttle, a New Age energy healer who offers sessions using EFT Tapping, Rapid Eye Technology and Chakra clearings to help clients. She charges $499 an hour for a session conducted either in person or on Skype. Tuttle, who refers to herself as “a catalyst for change that improves the quality of our lives” has been working in the field of energy therapy for years. A Reiki master (Reiki has been condemned by the U.S. bishops), she is also the inventor of “Dressing Your Truth” which is linked to energy profiling and helps women to dress in a way that reflects their true self.

Carol Tuttle Carol Tuttle

Tuttle created Four Types which come from the four elements of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

“Carol has discovered that each of these elements expresses a unique and candid movement that is also expressed in all of nature and all of human nature,” her site claims. “We have all four elements in us; so we naturally have all four expressions in us–yet we all lead with a dominant expression of one of the four elements that is represented by each Type.”

She claims her Energy Profiling program is based on the “scientific principle that the four elements of our DNA create our human nature and natural expressions” although she provides no proof for that claim.

For instance, the nitrogen type is bright and animated and upbeat. The oxygen type is soft and calming and likes to make plans and gather details. The hydrogen type is swift and dynamic, and the Carbon type is structured and exact. She lists stars who she believes exhibit each type, such as Audrey Hepburn who was supposedly a carbon type and Robert Redford who is supposedly a hydrogen. Jennifer Anniston is an oxygen type and Rachel Ray is a nitrogen.

This system is so hokey you might as well make up your own types and pretend they’re true – and it’s cheaper too!

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