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Sarah Hall's Phony Mary Meditations

Sarah Hall Sarah Hall

CL asks: “Can you tell me if Sarah Hall's YouTube meditation on the Healing of the Blessed Mother is new age or is it ok for a Catholic to listen to? I have used it to fall asleep but won't use it until I'm sure it is ok for a Catholic to listen to."

Sarah Hall is not only steeped in the New Age, she's also a medium and Reiki practitioner which means we can add "occult" to her list of qualifications. None of her materials are suitable for Christians.

In the meditation video you describe, hall uses an image of Our Lady of Grace to lure people into an altered state of consciousness.

“Bring consciousness into your belly and let it rest there ... you are beginning to feel so calm, so at peace, so relaxed . . ." she coos. "You are now transforming into your inner child. . . . breathe deeply . . ."

While strange music whispers in the background, Hall continues: "You are being lifted up in a cocoon of white light by a pair of soft gentle arms. Mother Mary holds you close to her heart. Listen to the gentle beat of your mother’s heart . . ."

The listener then becomes a "perfect conduit of Mother Mary's healing energy. Your each and every particle has become an empty vessel through which the light blue intelligent energy of compassion and comfort rise through you . . ."

In other words, we're supposedly channeling Mary in this meditation - or at least her "energy".

If this sounds wacky, consider a few of Hall's other offerings such as "Psychic Protection with Archangel Michael", "How to Change Your Life with Chakra Clearing", "The Alchemist’s Meditation for Manifestation, and "Grounding with the Fairies Meditation" to name a few.

Hall describes herself as a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, healer and so-called Angel Therapy Practitioner. She claims to specialize in "communicating with angels and teaches how to work with them to create peace and harmony in all areas of life." She's also a medium, a Reiki practitioner and Shamanic Journey guide.

These distortions of angels and Our Lady can easily lead the poorly catechized Catholic into occult practices which pose grave dangers to their souls. She should be ashamed of herself for profiting off of these false teachings that are nothing more than a defamation of the sincerely held religious beliefs of 1.2 billion people worldwide. If she wants to make up her own religion, be my guest, but leave ours alone.