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Can Catholics Use Herbal Medicines?  

KJ writes: “Dear friends of our family who are devout Catholics have become so disgusted with Big Pharma that they are turning to herbal medicine almost exclusively. In addition to how these natural remedies might be impacting them physically, what about their spiritual health? Isn’t this just a bunch of superstition?”

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The Troubled History of Glyconutrients

ambrotoseJW writes: "I have a question about one of your blogs on Women of Grace where you mentioned that if science is not backing something we should not use it. I have used a nutritional supplement [Ambrotose] for over 14 years with wonderful health benefits. With the discovery of the product there were only the testimonies of the benefits people were seeing. . . .

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Are Epigenetic Supplements Worthless?

200368974-001J asks: "I have recently come across a company that sells nutritional supplements that was taken by JPII.  About two years ago this company has gotten involved with epigenetics. Explained to me as natural supplements that can flip the switches on the genome from unhealthy to healthy positions.  Are these products ok to take?"

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Attachments to supplements and other products

JH asks: "A friend of mine has about 30-50 supplements she got at a health store that she is taking along with teas that are from India and I suspect are new age because of the description about “spiritual powers” on the label. I have suggested that she throw them out. Not all of the supplements may be new age, but her dependence on them is not showing trust in God. She has money and can afford to toss them. Do you think she should throw them away or is it permissible to use them up and not repurchase them? My thinking is that if you have holistic products in your home, you also have demons connected to them. Should we renounce our attachments to holistic products by getting rid of them and offering up any monetary loss as reparation? My own motto, is “When in doubt, throw it out!” What’s more important…trusting in supplements or trusting in God? Should anything stand in the way of our relationship with God, particularly supplements?"

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