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Catholics and Hypnosis

Sue writes: “I have been struggling with anxiety disorder for three years after illness and a breakdown. I am getting much better, but have some hard work ahead of me. However, I rightfully lost faith in my last therapist and had to find a new one. Sadly, I do not have access to a Catholic therapist in my area. I had to start seeing a new secular therapist this past month. I have been making good strides, but he likes to use a form of hypnosis in order to open my mind and feed some positive thoughts. I told him I do not feel comfortable with hypnosis due to my faith. He has done some guided hypnosis on me and I feel so clear headed after, but after discovering he has been doing hypnosis, I have become leery of it. I do not want to be misled and have found various opinions on the subject in the Catholic circle. What should I do?"

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Can Catholics Use Past Life Regression Therapy?

LN asks: “My friend, a Catholic, went to a therapist who used hypnosis to take her back to a previous life. She was all excited about it and said finding out that she had been a male surgeon in a past life made certain things about her life make more sense. Are Catholics allowed to participate in this kind of therapy?”

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The Assumption is an Antidote to Reincarnation

I'm not sure how many of you also read Breaking News on this site, but for those who don't, I posted the following Breaking News On-Line Study today that New Age blog-watchers might find interesting. It not only gives an account of Bishop Ignacio Munilla's comments on the Assumption as being "an antiodote to belief in reincarnation", but is followed by a series of questions and links to Church documents/Catechism that can help one to better understand Church teaching on this subject. Because reincarnation is a common belief in many Eastern religions that are currently infecting our faith and culture, participating in this study might be a quick way to acquire some helpful information to use when defending Christianity and evangelizing loved ones.  

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Two New Summer Books Promote New Age Beliefs

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer Discerning Christians need to beware of two new books that are hitting the bookshelves this summer - one written about angels by a certified “Angel Therapy Practitioner” and another about a young boy who alleges to be a reincarnated fighter pilot from World War II.

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