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Grounding aka Earthing is Based on Bad Science

Despite its complete lack of scientific evidence, grounding (aka “earthing”) is once again becoming popular. We first wrote about it in 2013 and can confidently report that in the last 10 years, almost nothing has changed except for the addition of new “earthing” products developed by folks who insist upon believing in this pseudoscience.

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Hedge Witch Officiates at Funeral of Sinead O’Connor

                                            Sinead O'Connor (1966-2023)
           (Photo courtesy of Wikicommons Images, Brian Ledgard CC BY 2.0)

JG asks: “I read that a hedge witch officiated at the recent funeral of Irish singer Sinead O’Connor. What is a hedge witch? Is this something new?”

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Beware of the “Manifesting” Trap

Manifesting is all the rage these days. It’s about how to use your mind to will your goals into existence by using tools such as meditation, guided visualization, vision boards, and other rituals that many believe can make big things happen for anyone. Is this true, and is this something a Catholic should be get involved in?

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What to Do When a Librarian Stuffs the Parish Library with New Age Books

TS asks: "I am a volunteer in our Parish Library and am causing trouble by respectfully and carefully questioning why we allow certain authors in our 'Catholic' library.  The librarian is a very recent convert and has said that if the Vatican has not excommunicated the authors, then their books must be OK.  And the pastor is very liberal and was a good friend of the 'centering prayer' priest, Fr. Menninger.  I've researched to try to find something that lists specific books because the librarian will only believe that. She says which of the books and I say all, but she won't go for that.  I am concerned about Matthew Fox, Anthony DeMello, etc., but especially the new age believers like Joyce Rupp, Joan C.... and those.  What should I do?"

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Silva Mind Control

EC writes: “We are having a parish 'retreat' day with a priest who also is heavily involved with the Silva Mind Control Method. Can you point me to any Vatican documents which expressly state that the Silva Mind Control Method is New Age and therefore incompatible with our Catholic faith? I want some  'backup' from the Church, so I can voice my objections to the Parish Priest.”

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Can Catholics Wear Tie Dyed Clothing?

Anonymous asks: “I recently purchased some clothing, with the tie dye on them. Sometimes, I think they are strange designs that don't make sense on the clothing. I googled tie dye to know if there are any spiritual origins to the tie design and apparently there can be in certain cultures. Is this true or am I overthinking?”

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