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Downward Facing: The Dark Side of Yoga (Part II)

yoga worshipThis is Part II of a two-part series documenting the experience of Priscilla de George, a devout Catholic woman who thought she would be safe if she prayed to Jesus and Mary while attending yoga classes, and whose life began falling apart shortly after she started the practice.

Ned Parker and another fellow parishioner took it upon themselves to escort Priscilla de George to the place where Stella Davis, a well-known deliverance minister, conducts her ministries.

The first thing Davis did was take Priscilla to an adoration chapel where she fell to her knees, sighing and weeping.

"If ever I witnessed a humbled and contrite heart, it was in that moment," Parker said.

From there, they proceeded to another chapel which contained a large tapestry of the Divine Mercy image. Priscilla was told to stand in front of it.

Suddenly, a sound emerged from Priscilla's mouth, like the hiss of a snake.

And then a voice began to speak, a voice that had all the tonal qualities of Priscilla's voice and the same accent, but in words that Parker knew were not coming from her.

"You can't have her, she's mine!" the voice shouted. "I took her. You gave her two deformed children," it said in reference to Priscilla's children, both of whom have special needs.

"I got in through yoga," the demon announced, then continued his diatribe. "You cannot take her from me. She's mine. You'll never get rid of me and even if you do, I'll get back in."

devil with christIt went on to announce: "I took her family away from her. I took her job away from her when she was about to get it back. I put the anxiety in her . . . I'm in control now . . .You will never make me leave. I'll get to her through her kids. . . "

Davis silenced the spirit in the name of Jesus Christ in a calm but firm voice and in a way that led Parker to believe she had done this a thousand times before.

In fact, she had. In the course of her 35 year-old ministry, Davis has had to deliver many people from spirits who infested them through the practice of yoga.

"I find it in women, young and older, and also in priests and nuns," she said. "The reason they come to me is because they can't find any peace - they have anxiety - they become very angry - and they have to be delivered of these spirits."

This was the case with Priscilla, who ended up being delivered of more than 17 different spirits that afternoon. And it all began in what seemed like an innocent exercise class.

By the grace of God, Priscilla has only a sketchy memory of the terrifying events of that day.

"I just remember walking in there [Stella's chapel] and feeling very anxious, then very angry inside. I just wanted to lash out. . .," she said. "Especially when I stood before the Divine Mercy image I suddenly felt this hatred inside - and stuff starting coming out of my mouth. I couldn't stop it."

As the deliverance proceeded, she remembers seeing the silhouettes of people sitting around her, and of her being nasty and telling Davis her efforts weren't going to work.

She remembers them casting out various spirits with names such as abortion, fear, abuse, suicide.

"When it was over, I felt washed out. It felt like it took hours."

But she had questions. Why would a spirit called "abortion" be inhabiting her when she never had an abortion? Davis acknowledged that this was true, but said, "Your mother had an abortion."

Priscilla was stunned because it was true - her mother did have an abortion - but there was no way Davis could have known this.

Davis later explained that as many as seven spirits can enter a person along with the initial spirit: "By opening yourself to one, you are letting in many more. And the spirits who come in can be worse than the original one."

In her experience, "Yoga is as bad as pornography" as far as opening a person to the demonic.

And it can all begin so subtly. "They can't concentrate on scripture. They start to lose their faith. They read the Bible and can't get anything out of it anymore. It discourages them. They don't feel at peace anymore. There's no joy inside. This is the kind of thing they experience when they get into this type of 'exercise'."

Many people who come to her don't even realize they need deliverance. They come for prayer, for peace, and end up needing deliverance.

When people argue with Davis about yoga, she tells them, "Don't let me tell you, let me show you" what she sees in her deliverance ministry. Few dare to take her up on it.

As for Priscilla, she not only saw it, she experienced it.

Thankfully, she's at peace now.

"After the deliverance, I felt like a different person," she said. "I feel very calm, very good inside now."

But her life will never be the same. "The life I once knew is gone. I have to try to move on. I'm a different person now. I just know now that I need God and I can't do anything without him."

To those yoga devotees who think they can go into a yoga class and be safe just by praying to Jesus and Mary, Priscilla says they need to ask themselves some serious questions before they do so.

"What if you're wrong? Do you have any idea what could happen to you if you're wrong?" she asks.

"This is what could happen - what happened to me."

This tragic story begs yet another question we should all ask ourselves - is a mere "exercise" class really worth this risk?

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