New Chick-Fil-A War Brewing?

The president of Chick-fil-A made a statement this past weekend in which he clarified that in spite of media reports to the contrary, his company made no concessions on their support for traditional marriage, which has prompted gay activist groups to sound a new alarm that the company is engaging in “hate.”

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Tomorrow is Chick-fil-A Day!

The fallout from Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s comments in support of “the biblical definition of the family unit” is a mixed bag with gay activists calling for boycotts of the popular fast food chain and supporters announcing this Wednesday as Chick-fil-A day for people who wish to show their support for the firm’s Christian values.

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President Pledges to Advance Homosexual Agenda

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

While delivering the keynote address at the annual fundraising dinner for one of the world’s most radical homosexual activist organizations this weekend, President Barack Obama made sweeping promises to the homosexual community, including his intent to sign hate crimes legislation, to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military policy and the Defense of Marriage Act. He also pledged his continued support for embattled homosexual nominees Kevin Jennings and Chai Feldblum.

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