St. Therese: Patron Saint of the Bullied?

St. Therese at the age of 8

The glorious Therese of Lisieux is known as the patron saint of missionaries, priests, florists and pilots, but because of her own sad experiences in the schoolyard at the Abbey in Lisieux, she richly deserves another title – Patron Saint of the Bullied.

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Is Gestalt Therapy Okay for Christians?

BA writes: “A friend of mine is training to be a gestalt therapist. Can you clarify if this is new age and if so, why?”

Gestalt therapy is a form of humanistic therapy which is a “mental health approach that emphasizes the importance of being your true self in order to lead the most fulfilling life.” Because the New Age is totally “self” centered, some of the practices used in this therapy, such as dream work, can be associated with New Age philosophies which may be introduced by practitioners. Read the rest…

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money on Bioresonance Devices

The Wacky Wednesday edition of EWTN’s Women of Grace® Live Radio is always an interesting show that never fails to turn up questions about some of the wackiest New Age practices and “treatments” on the planet – such as whether or not a “bioresonance” device known as the Healy can really keep us healthy.

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