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Not All Jewelry is Harmless

JH writes: "This site is so informative but alarming. I had no idea so much we see today is occult.  I love Southwestern style including Indian jewelry. Is Indian jewelry occult?  I like the workmanship and colors but do not know if there is a meaning behind designs.  Thank you for considering my question."

Southwestern style jewelry in general would not be considered occult, but this depends on what the jewelry represents. If it's just unique clusters of turquoise, you're probably safe. But beware of some of those Indian symbols you enjoy!

Native American tribes are considered to be animistic, which means they believe that spirits inhabit everyone and everything. Their shamans (witchdoctors) call upon these spirits to harness their power which is used in their various rituals.

Indian jewelry, with its various symbols, can be imbued with "blessings" from the shamans who produce it. As this maker of "sacred jewelry", who is also a shaman, states on her website: " Ancient Cultures have always revered jewelry as tools of magic, or Talismans…medicine bundles that carry a specific power, alchemy, story or intention."

She claims her pieces are "imbued with intention for Men and Women. Adorn yourself with the mystical elegance of an absolutely one of a kind piece of spirit-magic. . . "

As this jewelry maker named Cheryl "Finn" Finnegan claims, she has "a unique ability to channel the spiritual world into beautiful pieces that add meaning, mystery, good fortune, and a touch of magic to anyone who wears them."

So yes, jewelry can be a lot more than just a harmless trinket. It can have a distinct meaning, such as this designer of zodiac jewelry who claims to be able to "align gemstones with your birth chart to create personalized Vedic Astrology talismans." The stones you select will be set "on a specially chosen auspicious day, ensuring that your jewelry is blessed with abundant positive energy and blessings.:

In fact, it's not at all unusual for occult-oriented manufacturers of jewelry to put "blessings" upon their pieces as they are being made or just prior to shipping.

For instance, this jeweler promises that "All our jewelry is blessed in a Balinese ceremony before being sent out into the world."

A Balinese blessing claims to bring more harmony between yourself and the universe, balance the chakras, release karma from past lives that might still plague you, and encourage prime health, happiness, safety, finances, and a bright future."

The makers of the popular Alex and Ani bracelets are another example of the kind of magic that often directs the production of jewelry. As this blog details, " . . . (T)he company uses numerology to choose the most auspicious dates for store openings and occasionally employs shamans to bless its workplaces.”

As a rule, beware of any jewelry that contains non-Christian symbols and whenever possible, check the origins of your favorite trinkets for any hint of occult activity at the manufacturing level.

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