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Is There a Problem with The Shawl Ministry?

RG writes: “At my (Roman Catholic) church today, some women in the narthex were promoting a "prayer shawl ministry" and handed me a brochure promoting this website: Overall, it sounded like a good idea - providing comforting prayer shawls for the homebound and hospitalized. I thought it odd that there was a reference to "applied Feminist Spirituality." So when I went home, I checked out the website. There are a few troubling non-Christian things discussed there such as where they talk about "chakras" under Symbolism --> Aroma therapy. They also talk about a "mothering God" which sounds a bit New Age-like to me. By the way, they are willing to teach people how to knit and crochet, and I would like to learn (learned as child, but forgot). I just don't want some New Age agenda pushed on me or to do anything contrary to my Christian faith. Would like your comments.”

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The Hijacking of St. Hildegard by New Age Enthusiasts

SM writes: "I read your article about mandalas and how they are prayer 'gimmicks.'  I was just wondering what you think about the artwork (mandalas) of St. Hildegard of Bingen, especially since she is now a Doctor of the Church.  It seems to me that you are saying some of her practices were new age."

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Beware of Therapies That (Secretly) Require a Religious Conversion

One of the greatest threats to Christians in the burgeoning field of alternative health care is when these therapies require a person to adopt a belief system that is not compatible with the faith.

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Can Shamanism Be Compatible With Christianity?

CF writes: "Google keeps sending me this banner for Shamanic healing across the top of my e-mails. Out of curiosity, I went to look at what the newest in "new age" was offering. Can you believe (no pun intended) that the 4th bullet point says that "you won't find anything contrary to to your religious beliefs"...WOW! I bolded the actual bullet...see below. I am so sick of new age being pushed down our throats! I asked Google to stop these banners!"

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Is It a Sin to Go to a Tarot Card Reader?

                                                                                              Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

GD writes: "Tarot cards are becoming very popular among my friends, some of whom are Catholic. Isn't this a form of divination which would make it a sin?" 

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Can Bones Tell the Future?

We recently received a question from a caller on our Wacky Wednesday radio show who had received a small bag of bones from a recently deceased relative. Although the bones had some sentimental value, she was uneasy about keeping them in the house and wondered if she should destroy them. Our answer was unequivocal “yes!”

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There's Nothing Sinister About Those Faceless Willow Tree Sculptures


DJV writes: "I received two Willow Tree Sculptures as gifts and am concerned that these may be New Age items. The description on the box of these sculptures reads "Willow Tree is an intimate line of figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect,...May the simplicity of these figures communicate peace and serenity to you and those you love. Susan Lordi." These sculptures are mostly angels and are found in many stores including our Catholic Hospital. Please let me know if these are New Age items as I do do not want to own or purchase new age items."

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Psychometry: Do Objects Have Souls?

Anonymous writes: “My friend is involved in something she calls psychometry. It sounds demonic to me. I begged her to talk to a priest about it. She kept saying ‘this is a gift, I pray every day, I don’t know a priest.’ Shed some light on this, please.”

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