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NY Gov Promises to Erect Mother Cabrini Statue

A disastrous decision by the wife of New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio not to erect a statue of Mother Cabrini in the city, in spite of the saint receiving the most votes in the city-wide “She Built NYC” contest, was overturned by Governor Andrew Cuomo this week who promised to fund the erection of a statue in her honor.

The New York Post is reporting on the announcement made by the governor during Monday’s Columbus Day Parade. Italian-American citizens, still angered by the snub, featured a float with Mother Cabrini’s statue on it as a way to honor the selfless saint who devoted her life to helping immigrants in NYC. The float also delivered a powerful statement to the mayor’s wife, Chirlane McCray, that she wasn’t getting away with her decision to snub the saint.

“We’re also pleased to announce we’re going to build a statue to Mother Cabrini,” the Governor told the cheering crowd.“They need additional funding — I said the state will provide additional funding because we support this,” Cuomo announced.

“It’s not that they have to do it on their own. We’ll find an artist, find a site, find a location. The state’s role will be supportive, and the state will provide funding," he promised.

The move was applauded by the Diocese of Brooklyn.

“I welcome the assistance the Governor is promising in erecting a statue for Mother Cabrini, which we hope is a monument to her for her work on behalf of immigrants,” Bishop DiMarzio said on Monday.

“Mother Frances Cabrini was certainly one of the women who built New York City. Her work to establish orphanages, schools and a hospital, along with her commitment to immigrants, absolutely should be recognized,” Bishop DiMarzio said earlier. “The failure to honor Mother Cabrini with a public statue would be an affront to many New Yorkers, especially Italian-Americans who see her as most deserving.”

Thus far, McCray has made no statement about the Governor’s intent, but the widely unpopular mayor De Blasio has been vocal in defending her against accusations of being a “racist” for snubbing the saint who won by the contest by a wide margin.

Cuomo has promised to erect the statue, “as soon as they can get it done.”

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