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Woman Decides to Quit Yoga After Watching This Show

Two weeks ago, EWTN’s Women of Grace aired a series of shows detailing many of the lesser-known facts about the current mindfulness craze. We received the following letter from a woman who said that at the time of the show’s airing, she was grappling with whether or not to quit teaching yoga. After watching just the first half of the first show, she immediately knew what had to be done.

The following is LG’s testimony:

This isn’t a question but my story. I grew up in a protestant religion, left it as soon as I turned 18 and didn’t choose Catholicism until I was in my 30’s in 2005.

I have practiced yoga off and on since the late 90’s. I became a yoga instructor in 2012, thinking it would help wounded combat veterans, like my husband, with PTSD. Not knowing what it was actually about or that it was against our faith, I truly thought I was doing good.

Anyway, I have been struggling for over a year now, not knowing what to do about my chosen profession, because deep down I knew something wasn’t right. I started praying for guidance and signs to know what I needed to do.

I have been watching your show consistently for a year and did catch some of the series about mindfulness meditation but my DVR didn’t record all of it. Anyway, I sat down to watch your show on Saturday, June 2 in the morning like I always do and was surprised that the whole mindfulness series was on again . . . . Halfway through the first part I had made my decision to quit teaching yoga and was writing my resignation letter.

See, the night before during my prayer I asked for guidance on what I am supposed to do about teaching yoga and behold, that answer came to me from your show. I know I have been given my answer in several different ways but I think I was ignoring them or wasn’t receptive to them, because I had it in my mind that I wasn’t actually doing anything wrong because God knows what is in my heart and I am not actually worshiping other Gods.

There was no ignoring your message. It hit me straight through to my soul that I had to stop. I want to thank you for re-airing that series and praise be to God my DVR recorded all of it and I listened. I definitely felt the Holy Spirit as I watched your show.

I feel such a weight lifted off of me and I am now praying for a new calling to help people in another way. Please pray for me on my new and wonderful journey.

Let us keep this courageous woman in our prayers as the Lord leads her along a new path.

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