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Cullenism Takes Movie Mania to Bizarre New Levels

DP writes: "Apparently, there are cults out there that practice vampirism, and recite a twisted version of the Lord's Prayer. The groups were 'inspired' by Edward Cullen from the 'Twilight' series."

DP is correct. The movement she is referencing to is known as Cullenism which is a quasi-religion based on the main characters in the Twilight series. Basically, believers are fans of the vampire-based trilogy but have carried it to new heights, actually elevating the characters to godlike status.

As the Twilight Academy states:

Just like any other religion, we have beliefs and values. Each belief may take on more importance for one person than it may for another, there is no wrong way to decide which beliefs are more important than others. So here are the main Cullenism beliefs, however, this list is not a limit to what you can believe in when it comes to the Cullenism religion, Cullenists are a welcoming and caring group of people, and we will accept any other Cullenism beliefs you may have!

These are our beliefs (in no certain order).

As a Cullenist we believe:

* Edward and the rest of the Twilight characters are real

* Stephenie Meyer is the (or one of the) best author(s)

* The twilight series should be worshiped

* If you are good in life, you will be bless with eternity with the Cullens, if you are bad in life, you will be sent to James' cave

Cullenists are to treat the books as a kind of Bible, reading them everyday. All members are also expected to visit the town of Fork in Washington state where the stories are based.

Cullenism has its own set of holidays - which are the characters' birthdays. Their sacred places are the birthplaces of the main characters.

They even have their own prayers, such as this one:

"Ephenie-stay, y-may ady-lay, e-way ay-pay omage-hay oo-tay our-yay authoring-ay, and-ay all-ay ighty-may aracter-chays. Ilight-tway all-shay orever-fay e-bay y-may avorite-fay eries-say, and-ay, our-ay oly-hay ook-bay." (Translation: "Stephenie, my lady, we pay homage to your authoring, and almighty characters. Twilight shall forever be my favorite series, and our holy book.")

They also have a set of commandments such as Thou shalt dress in black; Thou shalt not read another book; Thou shalt drink a red liquid and say it's blood, etc.

As this fan website further explains, "Cullenism is a mass group of people,referred to as Cullenites, who have come together to appreciate the values and ideals represented by the Twilight series. We are not a religion(or a cult,lol) But we will be comparing and discussing Twilight with religion. We are nondenominational and don't intend to make anyone give up their own personal beliefs to be a part of the Cullenism group. We are simply fans who cherish the values of Twilight (not just how cute Edward is)!"

The site goes on to inform that TwiChurch will be held every Sunday at 8pm PST/ 9pm MST/ 11pmEst

The site's moderator, a woman named Lora from Clearwater, Florida, appears to no longer be involved in the blog or hosting TwiChurch due to her own personal schedule, but encourages fans to keep up the good work.

"Though I have not been around, please continue to have regular discussions when wanted and also continue having fun with the 'religion'," she writes.

The fact that anyone could even think up something this bizarre is disturbing to be sure, but the good news is that I don't think this movement is afoot any longer. I can't find anything about it beyond the year of 2010.






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