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To Be!

As Holy Week begins and we celebrate Our's Lord's surrender to the will of His Father, let us ponder the depth of our own surrender to His will by reflecting on the message contained in this beautiful poem.

To be with Thee Oh let it be! Not wandering aimlessly to and fro. To know what to do and where to go. To be directed by Thy Almighty hand To follow always Your Heavenly plan To be attuned to Your presence every step of the way, To live a guided-by-God day. To surrender my will, my time, my desires too Oh to surrender all, just to be with You. To be filled with your Holy Spirit and love you Oh that is what I want to do!

To be one who knows the Savior’s voice Guided by Your grace to make the right choice. To be still and know You as I pause in prayer. To be assured that you always are there. To follow in Your way and never be the same Jesus that is the reason you came. To walk as a disciple like Peter, John and Paul, To cling to the mystery of the cross when I fall. To be a soldier in God’s army; standing strong. Leaving behind the ways of the world; not just going along. To be a witness guiding others to You Oh that is what I want to do!

To take His hand as He leads me before His Father’s throne To be lost in His Heavenly presence; knowing I’m never alone. To put my trust in Him; I surrender all Thankful to have answered His call. Oh that is what I want to do!

So I invite you this day Take time to pause and pray, Pour out your heart to Him each day. Because Jesus is the truth, life and the only way. He will lead you to the Father’s throne. You too will know that you are never alone. Your Abba Daddy is faithful and true. He waits patiently for you. Oh that is what I want to do! 

To look forward to being with Him for all eternity. Praising Him with saints and angels will be quite a symphony To be fully alive; lost in His presence of love. To be filled with His Holy Spirit of love. To walk in His ways To sing His praise To know His voice, To make the right choice To be still and know He is there where ever you go To answer his call To tell one and all To never be alone To know you have a Heavenly home Oh that just is what I want to do!

To be walking in His amazing grace To one day behold His holy face. To be with Thee, my Father, my God Just to be with You, Oh that is just what I want to do! To be with Thee My Lord, my God, oh let it be.

©Ellen Mongan