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Parents: Do You Know What Your Kids are Doing in School?

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Elementary school pupil asking questionParents with school-aged children should make a regular habit of checking Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum blog where she keeps people informed of what's really going on inside our nation's public schools.

Just within the past few days, she has reported the following objectionable assignments found in schools across the nation:

•    A drama teacher at Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek, Arizona, had his students perform a play in which one of the characters falls in love with a goat. The play included sexually explicit content and vulgar sexual terms.

•    Fourth graders in Gilbert, Arizona, and third graders in Louisiana and were given a lesson on adultery that included specific questions designed to make the child curious about what adultery is and how it affects relationships.

•    Poolesville High School in Montgomery County, Maryland administered an intrusive survey to students that included personal questions about family, religion, income, political identification, illegal drugs, Obamacare, guns, and same-sex marriage. The question that parents found particularly obnoxious was, “If President Obama were Caucasian how much more or less criticism do you think he would receive?”

•    Fifth-graders in North Bellmore, New York, spent several weeks studying the United Nations. Students received full credit for writing that our human rights come from government (instead of from God, as our Declaration of Independence proclaims).

This is in addition to the episode we reported on September 12 of this year about 10 year-old Erin Shead from Lucy Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee who was given an assignment to write an essay about her idol. When Erin chose God, her teacher wouldn't allow it and demanded that she pick someone else. She decided to write about Michael Jackson instead. Erin's mother was furious and it was only after she went to the local media with the story - which then went national - that the embarrassed school backed down and accepted Erin's original essay.

If you think this is bad, check out Schlafly's blog for December 16 in which she details the outrageous assignment students were given in a public school in St. Joseph, Illinois.

"The sophomore class was given the assignment to choose which of ten people are 'worthy' of getting kidney dialysis when the hospital had only six machines for the ten who needed one," Schlafly writes.

The assignment goes on to instruct the students: “Four people are not going to live. You must decide from the information below which six will survive.”

The students had to choose from a list of ten people who desperately needed dialysis by ranking them based on their age, occupation, age and ethnicity.

“Put the people in order using 1-10, 1 being the person you want to save first and 10 being the person you would save last,” the assignment read.

Obviously, the four people who received a score of seven through ten were going to die.

"Since when are high school students allowed to judge who may live and who must die?" Schlafly asks. "What students are taught in the classroom will affect their attitudes for the next generation and how they vote. Is this assignment to prepare them to accept Death Panels in Obamacare?"

Anyone wondering why the U.S. has fallen so far behind other nations in academic excellence need only read Schlafly's blog. Rather than teaching students the math and science they need to know in order to compete in the world, some of our schools are wasting valuable time and resources with lessons that accomplish little more than indoctrinating children into liberal ideologies.

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