What is This Strange Bundle of “Sticks” Under My Daughter’s Bed?

DG writes: “Help! I found a strange bundle of sticks in my daughter’s room. They were tied together with a twine string and had a crystal attached. I found them hidden in a shoebox under her bed. I’m afraid they might be associated with witchcraft. Do you know what they are?”

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Exorcism Course Reveals Changing Face of Evil

Regina Apostolorum in Rome where the week-long course “Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation” is being held. (Wikicommons)

More than 250 people from 50 countries converged on Rome this week to attend a week-long course on exorcism and discuss the changing face of evil in our day.

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Ann “Goody” Glover: Witch or Catholic Martyr?

More than 300 years ago, a kindly Irish Catholic woman living in Boston was accused of witchcraft by a group of anti-Catholic authorities, but the facts of the story point more to a woman who was martyred for her faith, not her witchcraft!

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Witchcraft Rising

A recent story about wicca/witchcraft becoming one of the fastest growing religions in the Hudson Valley sheds light on the rising popularity of “the Craft,” thanks in part to pop culture which presents the occult as being “hip” rather than what it is – extremely dangerous.

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Wind Chimes

SH writes: “I really enjoy wind chimes.  I had some friends of my sister who are Christian (non-Catholic) visit me and they told me I should get rid of them because they are used by witches and occults to draw in bad spirits.  I would like to know if that is so.”

Unfortunately, this is true. Wind chimes, also known as “magic bells,” are said to have originated in China where they were suspended on the corners of large pagodas with the purpose of scaring away both birds and evil spirits.  In some sections of Asia, they are believed to bring good luck.

Perhaps the most detailed occult use of wind chimes comes from the practitioners of Feng Shui, which is a form of geomancy/divination that is concerned with deciphering the hidden presence of positive and negative energies (chi) in buildings. Chimes made of copper, bronze, aluminum, brass and steel are thought to be especially powerful in correcting energy defects if placed in certain corners of the house. Ceramic chimes placed in a southwest corner are thought to attract love and luck in romance. They are also used for protection, purification and to enhance “chi” in certain areas of a building.

Some believe the sound of wind chimes, like any other kind of music, has an effect on the brain that can produce feelings of pleasure, relaxation or peacefulness. 

I have read about witches who string old keys onto red strings to make a wind chime that is said to attract “beneficial opportunities.”  Others believe chimes can be used to guard one’s home against unwanted guests and/or “negative energies” and attach a spell to them before hanging that will insure these protections.

Some New Age dream therapists say that hearing wind chimes in a dream means either harmony and tranquility, or symbolizes past memories and the passage of time.

As you can see, chimes originated in non-Christian cultures and were used for purposes that are not associated with faith in God.