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eBay Selling T-Shirts Promoting Child Sacrifice

Photo by Alexia Rodriquez on Unsplash

Outrage is growing over t-shirts being sold on eBay that portray child sacrifice in a positive light.

America Needs Fatima is calling upon the faithful to petition eBay, inc. to stop selling vendors’ t-shirts that blatantly promote the practice of Satanism and child sacrifice.

One shirt depicts a boy named Toby who is laying on the ground with his eyes closed and his legs being held by another young boy. Meanwhile, a cute, pig-tailed girl is depicted kneeling over him with a long-bladed knife raised above her head, ready to stab Toby. The message on the shirt reads, “Let’s Sacrifice Toby.”

Another shirt depicts an infant lying on the ground between two children who are kneeling over him. One holds a pair of candles while the other positions a knife above the baby. In the foreground, children’s alphabet blocks are positioned to spell out the name “Satan.” The shirt is signed by the designer, Sean Cleaver, and sells for $255.

The online marketplace also sells a t-shirt depicting a child laying on a pentagram while surrounded by children and candles with the words, “Let’s Summon Demons” overtop the image.

“You and I know that Satanic items pose a serious threat to society and are a hateful attack on Christians and children everywhere, as they inspire violence and hatred and stifle the grace of God in souls,” writes Robert E. Ritchie, executive director of America Needs Fatima, a campaign of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP).

“This is dangerous and too much! The ‘Let’s Sacrifice Toby’ shirt unmistakably trivializes and promotes child sacrifice and Satanic murder child-to-child; many children might think it’s a fun thing to do.”

Ritchie is urging the faithful to sign a petition to eBay CEO Jamie Iannone demanding that these items be removed.

“I strongly urge you to remove all sales of the ‘Let’s Sacrifice Toby’ and the ‘Let’s Summon Demons’ children’s’ T-Shirts from your store,” the petition states.

The campaign’s goal of 25,000 signatures has already been surpassed with over 31,000 people already supporting the campaign.

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