New Gene-Editing Experiment Sparks Ethics Uproar

The global scientific community is reeling after a Chinese scientist announced that he used a powerful new gene-editing technique on twin girls to protect them from the HIV their father is carrying – an experiment that many believe was unauthorized and unethical.

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Professor Thinks We’re Morally Obligated to Produce Designer Babies

A prominent Oxford professor is claiming that creating “designer babies” by screening embryos for personality flaws is a moral obligation because it insures that “ethically better children” will be born and make them less likely to “harm themselves and others.”

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U.S. Clinic to Offer Designer Babies

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

For a mere $18,000, a Los Angeles fertility clinic run by an in vitro fertilization pioneer is offering the same technology used to detect inherited diseases in embryos to produce “designer babies” with specific traits such as hair and eye color. The first trait selection baby is expected to be born next year.

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