Daily Gracelines ADVENTure Day 9

December 10
Day 9: Daily Gracelines: ADVENTure with Mary
Theme: Advent is a time of faith.  We believe that He will come to us, simply because He said He would. In trusting Him, we commit everything we are and have to His care and disposal, following in the footsteps of His dear Mother.  In doing so, we exemplify faith in His promises.
Grace: I pray for the grace of faith during this holy Advent season, entrusting to Him my entire self.  I surrender my will in exchange for His.

Reflection:  “In the evening when you go to sleep, hold your beads, doze off reciting them, do like those babies who go to sleep mumbling, ‘Mamma! Mamma!'” – St. Bernadette
Challenge: What a precious image: a baby falling asleep, knowing he or she is protected and cared for.  Today, open your heart and mind to this image, but instead of a baby, place yourself in the arms of our Mother.  How safe do you feel as you lie within Her care?  Pray a few times, “Mamma!  Mamma!”

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