July 4

“Freedom exists for the sake of love.”

-St. John Paul the Great

Today in the first reading from Amos, we are told to “seek good and not evil.” While reading, I started to think about the correlation between freedom and love, and how that relates to our relationship with the Father.

Out of His love, He created us and because He loved us so much, He gave us total freedom: to live and to choose.

Why is it important that we “seek good and not evil”? Because it’s our way of loving Him back. We choose what’s holy and good, those things that are morally right and true, because we love Him. And in turn we realize it’s ultimately in our best interest.

Think of marriage: one man and one woman choose each other to grow in holiness through the sacramental unity of matrimony. If one was not free to choose the other, it wouldn’t be love, it would be control. But out of love for the other, and ultimately, love for God, the two give each other the freedom to choose… to come together as husband and wife.

By having total freedom (ie, free will), God gives us the greatest gift imaginable- the opportunity to “seek good” and choose Him; thus, our freedom is enveloped in love and the two are inseparable.

Lord, guide me on this journey to You; to love You ever more deeply. Show me Your love tonight, God, in the most beautiful way, and grace me with the courage to shine my light in the darkness of this world.


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