Was Homeopathy Divined From Spirits?

MR writes: “I read that the founder, Hahnemann, received a lot of his information during seances, which he readily admitted. I think that this is proof of homeopathy having its origin in the occult. What do you think?”

In the book, Do You Trust Your Doctor, Christian author and television anchor John Ankerberg does draw a connection between Hahnemann’s devotion to Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) who Hahnemann claimed was his mentor, and the fact that Hahnemann openly claimed that his homeopathic writings were “inspired.”

For those who are not familiar with Swedenborg, he was a Swedish scientist, theologian and philosopher who experienced mystic dreams and trances and believed he was appointed by Christ to write the real meaning of the Bible. He also believed that he was in communication with Moses, the apostle Paul, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Martin Luther. He taught his followers that spiritual entities were intermediaries between God and man and that God sometimes uses them to communicate with mankind.

Knowing this, one can only wonder who – or what – spiritual entities Hahnemann might have been relying upon as the source of his homeopathic ideas. However, he did little to hide the fact that he was a “diviner” of spirits. In the Swiss Homeopathic Journal, #4, 1960, the president of the International League of Homeopathy noted this when he wrote:

“It’s futile to reject this or that principle annunciated in the ‘Organ’ [Organon]. There remains more than enough to recognize the unfathomable intuition and divinitory spirit of its author.”

I have not found any reliable source that specifically claims Hahnemann relied on information gleaned during seances as a means of developing his homeopathic philosophy; however, the seance is certainly one of the vehicles used to contact spiritual entities.

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