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Testimonial: Carole finds joy in the cross

I always learn so much from Johnnette and all involved with Women of Grace. Some highlights that moved me deeply are:

  • Carry your cross with love and you will be filled with joy.
  • Real paradise on earth is suffering for sinners. Many saints have said this.
  • Mother Angelica said she wanted every possible means to maintain her life. Because when she died, she could no longer suffer for Christ.
  • Joy will be found in the midst of the cross
  • At each blow of the chisel we will feel it and wonder what He will make of me. I know God will make me perfect. Concentrate on the present moment.
  • Nothing gives us more peace than obeying the Will of God.  The Will of God is found in the present moment. Living in the present moment does the most to make one Holy.
  • Simply accepting the present moment God has provided all we need.
  • Accept everything and let Him act.
  • Life of faith is pursuing God, clinging to Him.
  • Faith lifts and expands the heart and sees the Creator in all things.
  • Life of self- abandonment is the perfect submission to God's Will as revealed moment by moment. Must give ourselves to these promptings of grace, even through affliction.
  • Romans 8:28 " God works all things to the good for those who live according to His purposes."
  • Paul's ability to bear his crosses was to accept them from God.
  • Suffering is not just evil. It comes from God., asking us to share in His Passion.
  • Look at suffering as spiritual gold. Ask God for help.
  • Our hearts are restless until we rest in Him.
Thank you Johnnette. By sharing your life with all of us, joys and sufferings, you have helped me more than you will ever know; You have given me so much peace and comfort. May God bless you, your family and your ministry. What I have learned from you I share with my family and friends. I think I would be in a very dark place if it wasn't for you. You showed me that even in the worst tragedy, joy can be found."


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