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Why You Should Ignore Hollywood Psychic's 2023 Predictions

It’s that time of year! A Hollywood astrologer who believes he predicted the Covid 19 outbreak and the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, sees nothing but heartache and gloom ahead for 2023.

According to the Daily Mail, Nicolas Aujula is predicting mass flooding, malaria, and power outages on a global scale. He has also had visions of a palace or presidential building on fire which he believes could be symbolic of people wanting to change who is in power. The cost of living crisis will continue for the long term and even the Royal family will suffer a decline in “income” in addition to a loss of popularity and health problems for King Charles that may involve his heart or circulation.

Popular celebrities are also facing headwinds in 2023, according to Aujula, who says Madonna will experience some kind of “sorrow” and Beyonce could question her relationship.

The 37-year-old Londoner says he’s been having visions about the future since the age of 17 when he fell into a trance and suddenly remembered his past lives.

“I was an Egyptian queen, a lion and a teacher and I was in the French Revolution,” he told the Mail. “And I think that was a real turning point because that's when I left school and trained as a hypnotherapist in regression therapy.”

Once he became fully open to his “gift,” he began to experience regular visions, some that came to him through dreams and others that “strike” when he’s out and about.

He considers one of his most dramatic predictions to have been the COVID 19 epidemic which came to him in a vision where he saw himself at an airport. “I had to give the person at the airport my health record, which didn't make any sense. But obviously, Covid happened and that was what was happening – we had to show proof of our vaccine. I think at the time, I didn't think anything of my vision because it's so far-fetched, and it seemed like something out of a movie."

What Aujula is experiencing is known as clairvoyance in which a person is shown things mentally, as if watching a motion picture in his mind.

As we all know, Satan’s preternatural abilities make him more than capable of inspiring these visions and predictions.

For example, Satan knows more about every germ in existence than science does due to his superior intelligence, and was certainly aware of the existence of COVID-19 as well as its potential to become an international pandemic at the time of Aujula’s vision. He knew all this not because he's' omniscient - only God is omniscient - but because demons communicate with one another and share information. Satan's legions would be privy to government discussions about vaccines mandates that could be required if and when COVID – and perhaps other pathogens that we don’t yet know about – became pandemics.

As for the Royal Family’s problems, they’re already besieged with troubles that are obviously going to carry into 2023 so this is hardly a remarkable prediction.

For that matter, Satan knows more about King Charles’ health problems than his physicians and is certainly aware of any heart and/or circulatory problems he might be experiencing – much like millions of other men and women in their 70’s.

That Madonna will experience sorrow this year is hardly surprising, even to her. The twice married 64-year-old pop star is the mother of six children ranging in age from 10 to 26. What woman with that kind of personal resume doesn’t have sorrows?

As for Beyonce questioning her relationship, don’t we all do this from time to time?

That malaria will be a problem in 2023 is hardly a revelatory prediction. Malaria has always been a major problem in Africa with over half of all deaths from the disease occurring in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Republic of Tanzania, and Niger. Eighty-percent of its victims are under the age of five years. The only good that could come out of Aujula's "prediction" is if it draws much-needed attention to a problem that needs to be addressed on a global scale.

As for predictions of flooding and power outages, these forecasts could be made by just about anyone using information readily available on the Web. For example, in 2022, there were six floods, five droughts, three tropical cyclones, and 14 severe weather events such as tornadoes, hail and hurricanes that caused flooding and power outages. The year 2021 was even worse and saw nearly 100 natural disasters of which 12 were due to floods and flash flooding.

Aujula’s only bright prediction was the triumph of a British cyclist who would break some kind of record in 2023. Again, Satan is very well aware of the abilities of world cyclists and knows exactly who is the best in the world so a dramatic win by a British cyclist could hardly be a confirmation of Aujula’s alleged “gift.”

The week between Christmas and New Years is prime time for psychics and astrologers to launch their predictions for the coming year. Don’t be fooled! The best way to prepare to meet the challenges of 2023 is to spend this time in prayer, asking God for the grace to increase our faith and trust in His Providence.

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