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Parents Are Saying NO to Proposed Title IX Changes

The Department of Education received a record number of comments – and a record number of mysteriously removed comments - from parents and other concerned citizens about proposed changes to the Title IX program that will advance a radical sexual agenda policy in grades K-12 and postsecondary school that receive federal funding.

According to the America First Policy Institute, the goal of Title IX is to guarantee that “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in education and athletic programs on the basis of sex.” It has long been used as a means to equalize education opportunities for women by protecting women’s sports and requiring schools to investigate incidents of sexual harassment.

However, the Biden Administration’s has proposed changes to Title IX that will broaden the scope of sexual harassment to include sexual identity, sexual orientation, and sex stereotypes in addition to weakening parental rights and undermining female athletics by allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports. The proposed changes also weaken due process protections for students accused of sexual misconduct, force colleges to provide medical treatment and insurance related to gender transition and abortions.

“The Biden Administration’s proposed Title IX changes are an attack on the soul of this Nation. If enacted, they would strip away parental rights, due process, fairness in women’s sports, and so much more," said Jack Brewer, vice chair of the America First Policy Institute’s Center for 1776 in a statement to Fox News. "But this is bigger than just policy. This is a blatant attempt to spiritually contaminate all children and college students with a radical gender ideology. I ask all parents — mothers and fathers — to step up and voice your concern over these egregious changes."

The Institute has launched a Parents’ Toolkit to help parents understand the proposed changes to Title IX and what they can do to prevent these radical policies from infecting their schools.

There are nine policy points listed on their “9 on Title IX” list:

1. Undermine parental rights and authority while empowering activist teachers promoting trans-ideology in our public schools.

2. Deny children basic protections for free speech and encourage investigations when students "misgender" classroom peers, jeopardizing religious liberty and freedom of speech.

3. Make schools unsafe or uncomfortable for women by opening intimate facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms to students based on gender identity.

4. Preempt state and local efforts to protect students from age-inappropriate sexual content.

5. Open K-12 girls’ athletics competition to biological males, making competition unsafe and depriving young women of athletic and scholarship opportunities.

6. Destroy women’s college athletics by allowing biological males to compete in female athletics and break women’s records.

7. Permit colleges to reinstitute a “judge, jury, executioner” single-investigator disciplinary model that weakens due process protections for college students accused of sexual misconduct.

8. Require colleges to establish pronoun police, deepening the campus free speech crisis.

9. Require colleges to provide healthcare services related to “termination of pregnancy” and gender transition.

These changes drew a record number of parents to comment during the public comment period that ended on September 12. The number that appeared on on the final morning of the comment period was 210,594. However, according to Politico just a few days prior, that number stood at 349,000, leading to questions as to what happened to the rest of the comments. While the government does eliminate comments that are not on topic and/or use inappropriate language, such a drastic decrease is considered unusual.

Speaking to The Daily Signal, Sarah Parshall Perry, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said, “The jaw-dropping disparity in the Federal Register’s number of total comments received on the proposed Title IX rule from one day to the next, without explanation or disclaimer, should raise alarm bells for American parents whose children at federally funded schools will receive the direct impact of any finalized rule. Whether the sudden loss of nearly 200,000 citizen comments stems from incompetence or obfuscation, the Department of Education has some explaining to do.”

Those comments available for review on the site show overwhelming opposition to the policy changes.

"For fifty years, Title IX has provided important protections and opportunities for women by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex," one commenter wrote. "While parents across the country are demanding the rejection of ‘woke’ policies, the Department of Education instead has chosen to hijack Title IX to force gender ideology on children without their parents’ knowledge or approval."

“This can be described as nothing but massive bureaucratic overreach by the federal Department of Education and violates one of the basic tenants of society, parental responsibility,” another parent wrote. “It will in practical terms destroy women's sports, which through the actions of the Biden Administration has already taken place.”

Another warned, “You are using non-discrimination laws in an illegal and unconstitutional way, and if this hits my kids’ school, we will file a lawsuit.”

Regardless of whether the changes are adopted, this battle is far from over.

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