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The Occult Roots of Spiritual Response Therapy

LG writes: “A few of my friends have become involved in Spiritual Response Therapy which they say is a way to clear “negative” ideas from the soul. Is this kind of practice compatible with Christianity?”

Not at all. Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is founded upon the belief that the soul accumulates negative energy during various lives on Earth which can impede a person from fully enjoying their current life. This basis in reincarnation is just one of many reasons why Christians will want to avoid any involvement in SRT.

As explained by Sarah Knowles, BA, MA, for Safe Alternative Medicine, “The foundation of this therapy is that our spirit is put on Earth many times, where we learn to perfect ourselves. During this process, however, we also accumulate negative energy, which can impede our growth. Connecting to past-life issues and the spiritual realm, SRT seeks to put us back in the driving seat, as it were. It aims to take control of our future in a positive and productive way, simply by releasing us from our accumulative past.”

This “clearing” of past negative energies is done through the aid of an SRT practitioner who “merges” with the patient’s soul to help clear out this negativity.

Exactly how is this accomplished? The pioneer of this therapy, Rev. Robert E. Detzler (1926-2013) explains it best in his book, Spiritual Healing, which describes working with a "spiritual committee" to determine what the body needs for healing.

This assistance was “channeled through my spiritual committee from the Godhead level or received through several of my students," Detzler explains. "I call my spiritual committee my High Self. The explanation and process of working with your High Self to use the healing techniques, diagrams, and patterns are fully explained in this book.”

In essence, Detzler’s spiritual committee told him that everything in the world is made up of vibrations. Some things – such as love – have a powerful energy, while hate, fear, and illness have lower energies. These various energy vibrations form patterns which can be used to help the body shift from negative to more harmonious energies. Detzler came up with 214 vibrational patterns for spiritual healing, which became the basis for SRT.

Practitioners rely on the use of a pendulum (dowsing), Detzler’s charts, and a series of questions to “complete the research and clearing of all discordant programming in the subconscious mind and soul record while connecting to the client’s High Self (inner guidance).”

In other words, SRT is based in the occult arts of channeling and relies on dowsing and the belief in reincarnation to effect its alleged “clearings.”

As Knowles stated, “With this particular technique, it's imperative that you are willing to embrace the idea of a living spirit, as well as past lives, for it to truly work.”

Catholics do not believe in reincarnation, nor are they permitted to engage in any activity designed to divine information (dowsing) or that involves the channeling of spirits (see Deuteronomy 18:10).

There's only one way for a Catholic to clear "negativity" from the soul - make a good Confession!

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