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TX Governor to Investigate “Transgender” Boy’s Case

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services have announced that they are looking into the case of James Younger, 7, whose parents are locked in a bitter dispute over whether or not the child wants to transition.

“FYI the matter of 7 year old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services,” Gov. Abbott posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday night.

The controversial case has sparked outrage across the country due to the disparate claims of the boy’s divorced parents – his mother, Dr. Ann Georgulas, who claims he wants to be a girl, and his father, Jeffrey Younger, who claims the boy never behaves like a girl, or even expresses a desire to do so, while in his custody.

On Monday, a jury ruled against the father, which could now allow the boy’s mother, who is a pediatrician, to begin the process of transitioning James into “Luna” with the use of dangerous puberty blockers and hormones.

Over 200,000 people signed on to a petition calling upon the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services to intervene in the case.

According to the Daily Wire, Republican Texas Rep. Matt Krause posted on Wednesday that he intends to “introduce legislation that prohibits the use of puberty blockers in these situations for children under 18.”

He added: “Absent a special session between now & the 87th Session, I will introduce legislation that prohibits the use of puberty blockers in these situations for children under 18. We missed our opportunity to do so in the 86th Session. We won’t miss the next one. #savejamesyounger.”

According to LifeSiteNews, the judge is expected to rule sometime today on the other requests made by Georgulas, such as: asking the court to limit Mr. Younger’s overnight possession of James and his twin brother, Jude, and/or make the visits supervised if he fails to “affirm” James as a girl; prohibit Younger or anyone else from taking James outside as a boy instead of a girl; order the father to attend pro-transgender counseling and/or educational classes; referring to his son with male pronouns at any activity outside the home; prohibit Younger from allowing James and Jude to be in the presence of anyone who doesn’t refer to James as Luna or with female pronouns.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Dr. Georgulas has been experiencing threats, harassment, and vandalism since the story broke and claims that the media is circulating a “completely distorted and untrue version of events in this case.”

“That is unacceptable,” they said. “We respectfully request that before the media reports on this case, a thorough investigation is completed into the actual facts and truth of the situation.”

To support their position, they allude to several instances of dishonesty on the part of Younger that were uncovered during the couple’s divorce proceedings, such as lying about his military career, financial status, and education. They also claim that their client does not intend to begin using the puberty blockers on the boy at this time.

However, Younger has presented a strong case for himself, including providing a video in which his three-year-old son tells him about how his mother is telling him that he’s a girl instead of a boy.

Regardless of the judge’s decision today, Younger will be able to appeal the ruling and the state of Texas may be able to pass legislation that may spare other children from having to go through what young James is being forced to face.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz captured the thoughts of many concerned citizens about this case when he tweeted: “A 7-year-old child doesn’t have the maturity to make profound decisions like this. The state of Texas should protect this child’s right to choose—as an informed, mature person—and not be used as a pawn in a left-wing political agenda."

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