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Covington Catholic Lawsuit Aimed at Teaching Media a Lesson

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Lawyers who are suing major media outlets for their reckless coverage of a confrontation between a Covington Catholic High School student and a Native American activist at the 2019 March for Life say this case isn’t just about the libeling of a 16-year-old student, it’s about an out-of-control media that needs to be taught a lesson. is reporting on a new video released by the law firm, L. Lin Wood, P.C., which is representing Covington High School student Nicholas Sandmann, which is a virtual manifesto of the significance of this lawsuit.

As explained in the video, the Washington Post, CNN, and other outlets “recklessly spread lies about a minor to advance their own financial and political agendas,” and that “despite raw video debunking the false narrative, the Post and CNN doubled down on their reckless lies.”

The video shows scene after scene from nightly news broadcasts featuring breathless hosts rushing to condemn the boy in his “MAGA hat” in an effort to continue their years-long campaign to malign the president and his followers.

Capturing some of the worst of the coverage, the video features one CNN contributor condemning Sandmann for blaming adults rather than himself and left-wing pundit Bill Maher issuing an expletive-laced reproach of the boy on his show that drew a round of laughter from his audience.

As the video points out, these media-contrived lies will not only “forever haunt and endanger the life of an innocent young man. . . .” but also served to “further divide our nation.”

“How long will we allow these media giants to tear the fabric of our lives to further their own agendas?” the narrator asks. “Will they ever be held accountable?”

Yes, the video declares.

“Nicholas Sandmann has taken a stand for himself, and for you. Nicholas and his legal team will not be stopped until these Goliath corporations are held accountable for their lack of journalistic integrity. Until then, no one's reputation is safe.”

At the end of the two-minute clip, Sandman’s attorney L. Lin Wood says, “ If you took the time to look at the full context of what happened that day, Nicholas Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. If they can get away with this against a 16-year-old boy, then we're all at risk. There has to be change.”

The video closes with a #ReformOurMedia hashtag which people are being encouraged to use to stop this reckless assault on the American public by our self-serving media.

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