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Guess What the Girl Scouts Have Been Up to Lately

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Mothers who are concerned about the dark direction the Girl Scouts have been taking in recent years will be disappointed to learn that nothing much has changed. This once venerable institution is still aligning itself with radical feminist causes., a coalition of citizens who are deeply concerned about the direction the Girl Scout organization has been taking, has put together an updated flier that details some of the questionable activities the girls have been involved in during the past year.

For example:

• The Girl Scouts were involved in hosting G.I.R.L. Agenda 2018: Leading the Charge Through Civic Action, featuring keynote speaker Jill Biden’s message to “think of yourself as the next Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court; think of yourself as the next Michelle Obama, you know, our fabulous First Lady.”

• The Girls Scouts also promoted and participated in  the Teen Vogue Summit, an event focused on reproductive justice, fake news, and LGBTQ+ rights, with Cecile Richards,former Planned Parenthood CEO, Sharim Hossain, manager of Youth Organizing for Planned Parenthood, and Andrea Archbald, Chief Girl and Family Engagement Officer of Girl Scouts USA among the presenters.

• Girl Scouts across the country also opened for Michelle Obama’s Becoming book tour.

• Scouts have also been promoting RBG, a documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

• They were also involved in celebrating newly elected self-described Democratic socialist, Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

• The Girl Scouts also shared links to New York Governor Cuomo's State of the State address in which he states his intent to pass legislation adding Roe V. Wade abortion rights to the state's constitutionally protected rights.

• Girl Scouts USA and local councils has also continued to promote and encourage participation in the Women’s March on a national as well as a local level participation . The mission statement of this organization of extremists includes “access to safe, legal, affordable abortion” among its unifying principles.

In addition to these latest forays into extreme politics, the Girl Scouts’ curriculum for girls, which is sold and promoted by every local Girl Scout council, continues to recommend pro-abortion role models/organizations such as Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton, Amnesty Intl., Population Council, ACLU, and National Organization For Women.

Girl Scouts USA also freely admits that its local councils and troops may collaborate with Planned Parenthood.

This year, when you see those cute little girls selling Girl Scout cookies, you might want to pass out a few of these fliers to let people know what kind of dark philosophies are being promoted to girls who are too young to know any better. Get the facts here and use them to help our girls!

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