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THE GRINCH (2018) Teaches the True Meaning of Christmas

GD writes: “I am so tired of being lured into the season’s so-called “hit” movies for kids, only to get there and find out that they are filled with New Agey ideas, violence, bad language, etc. Is The Grinch okay for kids to see or should we take a pass on it?”

I am happy to report that THE GRINCH is a terrific movie whose characters are not afraid to say the name of Jesus and to present the Biblical view of Christmas.

According the Christian media watchdog group, MovieGuide®, THE GRINCH (2018), distributed by Illumination/Universal Pictures/Comcast and directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier, has no bad language and no sex. It has only minimal violence that it describes as being “not mean, cruel or disturbing.”

As the Guide describes: “THE GRINCH (2018) is a great movie about the true meaning of Christmas triumphing over alienation and materialism. It features powerfully loving parents and children, a joyous community of inspired Whos, and a terrific character arc for the Grinch, plus great Christmas carols and hymns focusing on Jesus Christ and His redemptive divinity, lordship and love.”

The plot revolves around the little town of Whoville where everyone is joyfully anticipating their favorite holiday – Christmas. The Grinch, who hates Christmas, is watching from his mountain fortress. He devises a plot to steal Christmas which involves dressing up as Santa, stealing a sled, and recruiting a fat and very lovable reindeer named Fred, then visiting every home in Whoville to steal their Christmas trees, ornaments and presents.

When he gets to Whoville, everyone is full of joy, singing Christmas carols (that mention the name of Jesus). He encounters Cindy Lou Who, a little girl whose only wish for Christmas is help for her over-worked mother. She explains the true meaning of Christmas to the Grinch but he’s determined to ruin Christmas. Her words cause him to have a flashback to his days in an orphanage where he grew up watching all the children in Whoville getting presents on Christmas while he got nothing.

Without spoiling the ending, the Grinch’s nefarious plans come off without a hitch – until Christmas day arrives and the reaction of the people of Whoville teaches him a powerful lesson about the true meaning of Christmas.

THE GRINCH is a precious, delightful, superbly made movie. The colorful animation shows incredible imagination. The humor is delightful. The love is heartwarming. It’s well-designed, well-written and well-organized. The movie’s message is that Christmas can triumph over the meanest, most alienated heart . . . Plus, it has great Christmas carols focusing on Jesus Christ and His redemptive love,” MOVIEGUIDE® writes..

MOVIEGUIDE® fell in love with THE GRINCH (2018). We think you will too."

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