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Woman Shuns New Age & Finds Strength in Jesus

We recently had a beautiful testimony from a woman who remained true to Christ in spite of being recommended to a variety of New Age practitioners for help with her chronic pain. Although she has still not found the help she is seeking, Jesus is filling her with the grace she needs to trust in Him. May He reward her with the healing she seeks!

TR writes: I am a Medical Esthetician and have been unemployed due to disability from chronic pain after a traumatic brain injury and lyme disease. Because of the ways that traditional medicine treats these issues (drugs and various surgeries for body parts that break down), I have been left with much more suffering. That would include worse suffering from seasons of drug dependency and then major withdrawal, nearly costing me my life on more than one occasion.

My sister has unfortunately referred me to many alternative therapies including some discussed in your blog. NAET, NET, cranio sacral, energy work, accupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, qi gong. tapping (EFT), yoga and probably more. She later became an energy practitioner "healer" herself, but I went in the other direction.

I am a born again Christian and think about the modalities I have tried to gain relief and I cry in repentance. The Lord has had mercy on me and I recognize Him as my healer. I am at a place of the "now what" with my chronic conditions, and I want to share briefly that the daily power of His Spirit is my source of joy, peace and help.

The grace He supplies me with to get up out of bed every day is real and where I find my strength. I love the Lord and want to walk in His ways. This means not trusting all sources of healing and being able to discern the spirits. Finding a born-again massage therapist? Is it even possible??

So, I have considered that my testimony may be used to help others in the New Age trap, and I have indeed been persecuted for my sharing Christ in New Age salons (previous employment), even among professing Christians who are practicing massage therapy!

It made me wonder if there is even a place for hands-on therapy at all! Then I read your article from a massage therapist who is struggling on her end to find a place to practice her trade. So there must indeed be a genuine place for massage therapy to meet Christians' needs who need help in their bodies from acute or chronic pain and do not want to undergo pharmaceutical toxicity at the hands of their doctor.

It would be an amazing grace to have the kinks worked out of my back and not worry about the spiritual practices of the practitioner!

I was encouraged by your article and hope that I may find a true Christian who happens to be a massage therapist that has not begun to listen to the eastern religion influence or even shamanic dangers. There is so much going on out there and we must not be afraid to speak up for Christ and tell the truth.....even when we are in need and looking for help from them. It is a delicate place to be!

Let us keep this courageous Christian woman in our prayers!