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Bishop Issues Statement on Status of Fr. Yozefu Ssemakula

There have been recent developments on the status of Father Yozefu Ssemakula, author of a book entitled, The Healing of Families, which has been the subject of controversy for several years.

The latest development is a letter issued by Bishop William A. Wack, CSC of the Diocese of Pennsacola-Tallahassee, in which he states that although Father Ssemakula’s book does not enjoy an imprimatur, this is because the Censor Liborum determined that an imprimatur was not necessary.

“Thus, no official acceptance or rejection of the book is given by me or my delegates,” the Bishop states.

This letter, dated January 1, 2018, declares Father Ssemakula to be a priest in good-standing with the diocese and that “we have no reservations about his ability to serve as a priest.”

The latest communique follows an earlier letter written in 2016 by former Pennsacola-Tallahassee Bishop Gregory L. Parkes, who is now the Bishop of St. Petersburg. this letter informed the public that the book did not receive an imprimatur due to “errors with the text in the area of theology.” At the time, the bishop claimed that Father Ssemakula was “working to remedy the situation.”

Some of these theological errors include diminishing the mission of Christ to one of healing more than of our salvation, presenting suffering as being “unnecessary” and outside of God’s will for us, and that the suffering of Jesus was not willed by either the Father or the Son.

Both Bishop Parkes and Bishop Wack indicate that they are aware of mixed reviews from the public who read the book and/or attend Father Ssemakula’s conferences.

Bishop Wack’s letter gives no indication of whether or not these errors have been corrected, only that he hopes God will “bless the work that Father Ssemakula is doing, and that those who attend his seminars or read his book will find the healing that we all seek.”

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