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The Strange Messages of an Entity Named Kryon

MH asks: “What do you know about Kryon? I know people who are taken in by Lee Carroll and the being he channels that calls himself ‘Kryon of Magnetic Service’. It goes against basic Christian beliefs, and so many pro-kryon videos and websites are out there, but nothing warning or denouncing these channeled messages, the channel, or Kryon. Do you think Carroll is a fake, or is he really channeling an entity? Please look into this and write on it because many people are falling for this nonsense.”

For those who have never heard of Kryon, this is an alleged being who is being channeled by a man named Lee Carroll. Carroll claims to be the original Kryon channeler who began to communicate with Kryon in 1989. He describes Kryon as being “a loving angelic entity” who gives messages containing advice on a wide variety topics from abortion to what happens when we die. The answers are as fanciful as they are non-Christian.

For example, in a question about why Jesus and Buddha did not preach the same truth, Kryon explains that the real teachings of both men were hidden. The idea of Christ dying on the cross for the salvation of mankind was “created later from a false assumption” in order to “control the population with religion.” Kryon claims that Jesus taught about our past incarnations but this was deliberately left out of the Bible. “Why is it missing?” The Buddha’s teachings were also hidden and then revamped to suit the needs of those who were in control of his teachings.

When asked what his name meant, Kryon explains that it’s “a sound within your energy” which has meaning to the cellular structure of all. Messages are contained within the sound of the name, which isn’t really a name, he says, but the only one “applicable to your 4D” (whatever that means.)

There is no evidence to support any of Kryon’s predictions or claims. In fact, the more one reads from this Q&A section of the website, the more outlandish the messages become.

Carroll, an economics major, says Kryon comes from the “magnetic service” and is responsible for reconstructing the magnetic grid of the Earth. His relationship with Kryon resulted in the publication of more than a dozen books. Carroll and his “spiritual partner” Jan Tober, claim to have introduced the earth to the term “Indigo Children’ in the 1999 book by Hay House entitled, The Indigo Children. (This term actually originated with a parapsychologist and psychic named Nancy Ann Tappe in the 1970s.) According to New Age lore, these children are supposedly higher evolved beings who are born with special supernatural abilities and whose purpose is to bring about One World Order.

The story of Kryon is the perfect example of why people should not become involved with channeling. Even a rudimentary knowledge of the occult reveals that demons are more than happy to masquerade as whatever kind of “higher power” a person might be searching for in their spiritual life. They are adept at pretending to be God or an angel, to be kind, loving, compassionate, and full of empathy for mankind.

For example, Kryon claims to belong to the same family as the Archangel Michael. Those who are not familiar with Christian teaching on the angels, and how they differ from the New age variety, are liable to get pulled into the strange doctrine of Kryon.

In this day and age, people are much too willing to discard the idea of objective Truth and to create whatever version suits themselves. If one faith is as good as another, who’s to say the Bible is right and Kryon is not, they ask?

If only we could reach out to them and explain that our faith is not based on some esoteric being that no one has ever seen. Our faith is based on the teachings of a man who walked the earth, a man who eyewitnesses say was able to command the elements, to raise people from the dead, to raise Himself from the dead – and that those powers were passed on to His followers for centuries.

No other prophet can make the same claims because no other prophet is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

The strange tale of Kryon is just another reason why we need to do more to spread the Word!

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