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Psychic Tries to Scam Madeleine McCann's Family

The parents of Madeleine McCann, the three-year old girl who was kidnapped while on holiday in Portugal in 2007, say a psychic name Susan Kelly tried to extort money out of them by demanding payment for three “visions” she had about the child’s current whereabouts.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the case which authorities are calling a “cruel hoax” and an “extortion scam” being perpetuated against Kate and Gerry McCann who lost their child in a sensational kidnapping event ten years ago.

Kelly sent an email to McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell claiming to know the “truth” about Madeleine’s whereabouts thanks to three significant “dreams” she had about the child shortly after she was kidnapped from the family’s holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz in May of 2007.

“I kept these dreams under wraps since that time as I was not sure that what I had dreamt could be relied upon as fact,” Kelly wrote to the couple. “I am now ready to reveal the dreams.”

She went on to ask the McCann’s to bid for visions. “If you are interested, please make me an offer for each of 3 dreams individually.”

Kelly does not divulge anything about herself, including where she lives, but did say that she and her daughter are currently staying in a hotel as they try to sell some property.

“I am now short of cash and can't pay my bills. I am not doing this just for commercial reasons. I don't want any publicity,” she said.

The so-called psychic goes on to say that she can see “hidden clues” which don’t “come on demand” and says, “God gave me the privilege of seeing the truth.”

“She claims her dreams came in bursts and she has relevant information about Madeleine and needs payment,” Mitchell said about the email.

“It's complete blatant lies and a potential extortion scam,” he said. “Anyone waiting more than 10 years to come forward having had dreams, allegedly, in the first week Madeleine was taken and now asking for money to divulge information seems very dubious. But it is entirely a matter for the police.”

British authorities are now investigating the scam.

Mitchell went on to say that the couple has received thousands of psychic tips over the past decade which “have all come to nothing.”

Big surprise. According to the FBI and the National Center for Exploited Children, there's not a single case of a missing person being found by a psychic.