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“White Light of Protection Prayer” is Occult-Based

We have received questions about a “White Light of Protection Prayer” that seems to be invoking the Archangels. What is this prayer and is it okay to pray it?

Unfortunately, this prayer is the invention of New Age practitioners whose backgrounds involve various New Age and occult practices. reading, paranormal investigating, Reiki, “Angel communicator,” Feng Shui Consultant.

In a prayer appearing on the website of Nikki Boruch, who is a self-proclaimed intuitive reader, paranormal investigator, Feng Shui Consultant and "Angel Communicator,"  the White Light of Protection Prayer calls upon the Archangels and “Guides” to remove all “negative earthbound attachments, all negative influences upon me, any dark entities, dark shields, dark energies, dark devices and dark connections from my mind, my body, my spirit, my aura, my soul and my silver cord.”

It also calls upon these entities to “locate and bring back any soul fragments I have left in any place and in any person. Please cleanse, heal and integrate them back into my soul.”

It asks for “the magnificent White Light of the Divine” to place column of “vibrant Divine White Light” above to cleanse and heal the body as well as serve as a reflective shield that will deflect any negative energy back to the sender.

Sadly, this prayer, which is being said to ward off evil, is actually calling upon the powers of the very evil it is trying to avoid for protection.

I say this because belief in negative energies, auras, silver cords, and soul fragments etc. is not based in Christianity; therefore, the Archangels being called upon are not those of the Bible because they would not be involved in such practices.

In addition, authentic angels are never at the beck and call of intuitives, psychics or mediums. They are pure spirits who are at the command of God alone.

As the Catechism teaches: “Christ is the center of the angelic world. They are his angels: ‘When the Son of man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him. They belong to him because they were created through and for him: ‘for in him all things were created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or authorities – all things were created through him and for him.’ They belong to him still more because he has made them messengers of his saving plan: ‘Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation?'” (Catechism No. 331)

Instead, these invented “angels” and other spiritual entities such as Spirit Guides, Avatars, Ascended Masters, etc. are, at best, fictitious beings about whom we have no evidence of existence; or, at worst, demons who are only too happy to masquerade as the real thing.

And because they are preternatural beings, demons are possessed of enormous powers that they use in ways that are clever beyond human comprehension. Only God can reveal their disguises and those who are not close to Him are always at risk of being duped.

Regardless of how well-meaning would be the intention, no one should say this prayer, nor should it be said for anyone else for fear of calling upon demonic entities who are capable of wreaking havoc in the lives of the unsuspecting.

Dabbling around in “spirituality” is never something to be taken lightly. There are very real spiritual beings who exist in realms beyond our own and unless one is well-versed in the occult, preferably from the first-hand accounts of exorcists, they are playing with fire.