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Beware of Reiki-Infused Products/Jewelry

We recently had a question about a so-called “Psychic Vampire Repellent” being sold on Gwyneth Paltrow’s outlandish Goop site which supposedly contains tiny “Reiki-charged crystals.” As ridiculous as it might sound, there’s a whole cottage industry devoted to distributing “Reiki-infused” products from jewelry to “kid calming mists” that should alarm anyone familiar with this occult-based practice.

According to Goop, their “Psychic Vampire Repellent,” which sells for $30 for 3.4 oz, is a “spray-able elixir” that produces a “protective mist” and uses “a combination of gem healing and deeply aromatic therapeutic oils, reported to banish bad vibes (and shield you from the people who may be causing them). Fans spray generously around their heads to safeguard their auras.”

Here's the list of ingredients: “Sonically tuned water, rosewater, grain alcohol, sea salt, therapeutic grade oils of: rosemary, juniper and lavender; a unique and complex blend of gem elixirs, including but not limited to: black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, ruby, labradorite, bloodstone, aqua aura, black onyx, garnet, pyrite and nuummite; reiki, sound waves, moonlight, love, reiki charged crystals.”

Notwithstanding the fact that this is a witch's brew if I ever saw one, the fact that it contains “Reiki-charged crystals” only adds to the occult dimension of the product.

As this blog explains, Reiki practitioners are connected to the Reiki “source” (which is an unnamed spiritual entity) through an attunement process that is attended by “Reiki guides and other spiritual beings.” The Reiki practitioner then channels these spirits who direct the so-called healing energy from the universe into the patient.

The act of “attuning or empowering” objects with Reiki is also possible.

“Do it the way you would a person and request to the Universal Divine that the crystal will carry the Reiki energy, infuse the crystal, for the best and highest good of all concerned,” this site explains.

Unfortunately, the Universal Divine – or Reiki Source as it is more accurately called – is a demon. What they are referring to as a “blessing” is actually a curse. This is because demons don’t have the “best and highest good” of anyone in mind regardless of what the Reiki Master may desire.

But it’s not just spray mists that can be Reiki-infused. Jewelry is also receiving this dark “blessing.”

Linda Lauren, who crafts Reiki-infused jewelry, explains it this way: “Reiki, as a healing energy, can be ‘sent’ (similar to a blessing) to your jewelry to enhance the already existing properties of the stones. This ‘empowers’ the stones by enhancing your intention. . . . Whatever you want for yourself can be manifested through crystals and gemstones, since here are other jewelry you can get even for your specific zodiac sign such as getting an aries necklace if you're an aries. But when we go one step further and apply the healing energy of Reiki, we embrace power of true intention.”

This utter naivete about the workings of the occult could place the unsuspecting in harm’s way.

For this reason, Bishop Donald W. Montrose warns Catholics in his excellent pastoral letter, “Spiritual Warfare: The Occult has Demonic Influence,” not to keep any New Age, occult-based or other objects used for superstitious purposes (horoscopes, talismans, jewelry, “medicine wheels,” books/pamphlets, etc) in the home or on our person and advises that they be destroyed immediately.