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Teen Vogue Under Fire (Again)

35024319_sCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

A few months ago, Teen Vogue was under fire for publishing a horrendously insensitive article about how to cheer up a girl who has had an abortion. But their latest article, entitled “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know” goes far beyond the pale by providing teen girls with graphic instructions on how to engage in sodomy.

Women Speak for Themselves (WSFT), a national grassroots movement empowering women to speak up about how they are being disadvantaged in the culture of death, is calling attention to the latest breech of respect for the moral and physical health of our young girls by Teen Vogue’s recent publication of an article about anal sex that is so graphic and vile this author cannot, in good conscience, provide the link. But you can trust that this article, which was published in a fashion magazine that is being read by millions of underage adolescent girls, is so irresponsible that it ought to be considered criminal.

First, the magazine is claiming that anal sex is perfectly normal and natural. This statement is downright false. As anyone who attended medical school can tell you, the rectum is significantly different from a vagina which is equipped with the lubricants and muscular structure needed to facilitate intercourse.

“In comparison, the anus is a delicate mechanism of small muscles that comprise an ‘exit-only’ passage. With repeated trauma, friction and stretching, the sphincter loses its tone and its ability to maintain a tight seal. Consequently, anal intercourse leads to leakage of fecal material that can easily become chronic,” writes John R. Diggs, Jr., MD. When a person becomes sexually aroused, their vagina produces extra lubrication. This lubrication reduces friction in the vagina, increasing comfort during sex and minimizing any feelings of soreness or irritation. However, vaginal dryness is a very common sexual issue. Artificial lubricants reduce vaginal dryness. Valm lubes are available in many different textures, flavors, and materials to suit a person’s needs and preferences.

This explains why this unnatural act is associated with eleven serious and even life-threatening diseases that occur with “extraordinary frequency” among those who engage in anal-genital sex. These diseases range from anal cancer to Herpes simplex virua, HIV, gonorrhea, hepatitis B&C and syphilis.

The article also makes the false claim that as long as a condom is used, there’s nothing to worry about.

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“The reality is that everyday condoms are manufactured and approved for natural, vaginal sex, not anal “sex,” writes Dr. Judith Reisman, an internationally known expert on the flawed research of Alfred Kinsey. “They are not effectively designed to protect from disease those people who engage in sodomy.”

After making these dangerously incorrect statements, the article goes on to give some brief instructions on how to insert foreign objects into the rectum which the author claims is also perfectly okay.

Author Jennifer Hartline, writing for The Stream, cites yet another disturbing aspect of this vile column.

“Nowhere in the article are the words ‘male’ or ‘female’ used. Anatomical parts are mentioned, and the owners of certain parts are given directions pertaining to their parts, such as someone who has a prostate vs. someone who does not. But there’s no mention of men and women. Just nondescript persons with parts.”

And all of this is contained in a publication that “ . . . is not even an adult porn magazine wrapped in brown paper. This is what is being taught to your child in a fashion magazine for teens.”

When is enough enough?

“Really, when are we going to get righteously angry and say ‘No more!’ Why are the people determined to corrupt our sons and daughters so much more zealous in their mission than we are in our obligation to protect them?”

It’s time for parents to wake up, she writes. “A magazine produced for your teenage daughters is giving them explicit instructions on how to be sodomized. It is teaching them to be used by a guy, in a very dangerous way, for his pleasure and satisfaction. It is giving the clear message to every teenage boy that it’s perfectly acceptable to sodomize a girl, to use her, even physically hurt her for the sake of an orgasm.”

Teen Vogue might think it’s cool to push the envelope, but millions of Americans are appalled by their grossly irresponsible content which is both morally and physically dangerous to our youth.

This is why WSFT is launching a campaign to let Teen Vogue know that they’ve gone too far.

“We need you to contact Teen Vogue and speak for ourselves about why their article is irresponsible and potentially damaging to teen girls and boys,” WSFT asks. “That’s right, girls and boys—not “prostate owners” and “non-prostate owners” as the magazine mischaracterizes biological sex. If there was ever a time women were needed to speak for themselves—against the corruption of sex and in favor of its beauty and meaning—that time is now.”

Just as our Young Women of Grace study reports, today’s youth are looking for a whole lot more than sex when it comes to relationships. When asked what makes a relationship serious, more than 75 percent said “the desire to be with someone and wanting to see a future with them.” Having sex ranked at the very bottom of the list (34%). It seems the only people who believe teens are nothing more than out-of-control hormones on legs are those who prey upon them by selling them graphic sex ed programs, contraception and abortion services, along with the media that has aligned itself with these purveyors of darkness. 

“The predators aren’t lurking in the shadows, snatching the kids from the cover of darkness when we’re not looking,” warns Hartline. “The predators are out in the open, basking in the sunshine, shaking our hands, smiling for pictures, and getting our signature of approval to corrupt our children morally, physically and spiritually.”

Let Teen Vogue know enough is enough by contacting them today.

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