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Rosaries Made of Crystals are Not Dangerous

warriorsrosariesA reader writes: “I have a question about whether it is alright to pray with a rosary made of crystals? A Carmelite order in the USA, the Sisters of Carmel, offers a custom rosary making service and it is possible to select semi-precious stones like amethyst or jade for a beautiful and unique rosary. Is there anything dangerous or New Age about praying with such a rosary?” Crystals are harmless. It's how they're used that can be dangerous. 

Crystals become problematic when they are used in a superstitious/occult manner, such as believing that they contain some kind of special power. New Age belief alleges that these stones can store all kinds of energy – electrical, psychic, magnetic and nuclear – and can absorb energy from the forces of nature and even the touch of humans. The owner of the crystal can then tap into these powers for healing, divination, magic, etc.

Although we know that this is not the case, demonic powers are only too happy to respond to these kinds of  requests for power and will certainly be behind any manifestation that will come about as a result of this kind of use.

On the other hand, rosaries made of these stones are considered to be treasures, not for their “stored energies” or powers, but because they are so beautiful. For example, our Warrior Rosaries are made from black genuine hermatite, red bohemian glass and other exquisite stones. Our special commemorative Fatima rosary is made from pearl glass papal beads and sapphire Swarovski crystals. Creating a rosary from precious stones such as these both honors and reminds us of the beauty and purity of the Mother of God as we recite the prayer that is so dear to her heart.

It’s also true that rosaries made of these stones are often considered to be family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation.

The real power of the Rosary comes from the intercession of the Mother of God, not the beads. This is why rosaries should not be used in superstitious ways, such as keeping a rosary in the pocket or wearing it around the neck as a "good luck charm."

We recently published the testimony of someone who suffered severe physical, psychological and emotional harm from dabbling in crystal healing. It's a worthwhile read for anyone who is considering the use of these stones for anything other than for the purposes for which God created them.