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Discovery Gunman Confronted Pro-Lifers Last Year

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist New reports have surfaced linking Discovery gunman James J. Lee to a confrontation with pro-life protestors outside a Washington DC Planned Parenthood clinic last year. According to Katie Walker of the American Life League (ALL), members of her organization had a confrontation last year with the 43 year-old radical environmentalist who was gunned down by police last week after a hostage standoff at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Members of ALL were protesting the distribution of the birth control pill last year when Lee approached them. The encounter, which was videotaped, shows Lee making comments such as: “I don’t care if humans destroy yourselves with your stupid wars, but you’re gonna destroy the natural world. Atomic bombs hurt other creatures. You wanna kill yourselves with nuclear weapons – that’s up to you...” “Why don’t you guys slice each other up with knives? But please don’t hurt the wildlife ... they don’t do anybody no harm.” “Animals are wonderful creatures... Humans are environmentally destructive, and we’ve got to stop breeding or something.” In the wake of the last week's tragic events,  ALL director of communications, Katie Walker, issued the following statement: “In our encounter with James Jay Lee, he told us that he believes in a philosophy in which human beings are not exceptional in any way requiring them to be respected and protected, but that they are exceptional in a negative way because they are a threat to the environment. “Lee told us his biggest concerns were nuclear war and especially overpopulation because it hurts the environment. He said he didn’t care if ‘you humans kill yourselves with your stupid wars.’ We recognize this as a familiar and dangerous philosophy. “Planned Parenthood’s disregard for human beings’ lives compelled us to be outside its doors that day. And it seems the man we believe is Lee attempted to take the same disregard for people’s lives to its logical extreme yesterday. “We are profoundly saddened that Lee’s apparent brainwashing by an anti-life worldview led to his death. We pray for his soul and give thanks to God that no one else was hurt during this ordeal.” © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®